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motion-sensor nightlight
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Powered by a couple of AA batteries, and a PV cell to keep them charged up, the Underbedlight is designed to be placed on the floor, optimally under the bed or in an empty corner of the room, which keeps it from being activated by tossing and turning or movement outside the window.

The range-and-arc-adjustable planar motion-sensor operates in the dark, activating the 0.5W LED lamp - deep red to avoid compromising night vision or circadian rhythm - appropriately, keeping safe wayward LEGO blocks and sleeping cats.

FlyingToaster, Dec 10 2014


       This can be used to convince children that there are no monsters under the bed. Or with a little effort can be used by big brothers for the opposite purpose as well.
scad mientist, Dec 10 2014

       It helps when they can not see under there.
rcarty, Dec 10 2014

       does it come with one of those selfie sticks, for looking under the bed - comes with elder brother app over-ride to superimpose scary monster under the bed, ($1 a go for elder brother, $2 for younger sibling to cancel one over-ride)   

       Was too lazy mentally to work out why people were wandering around with a smartphone on a ski-pole.   

       NB, bit of a bugger to fit under a futon..
not_morrison_rm, Dec 10 2014

       The bogey man will just steal it, but it's a great idea anyway.
blissmiss, Dec 10 2014

       Hmmm, can it come with an optional sound attachment which makes low-pitched growling and whispering noises at random times through the night?
AusCan531, Dec 10 2014

       And a dry-ice dispenser
pocmloc, Dec 11 2014

       //monster under the bed// The company does not advocate using the device to gratuitously scare the crap out of children and the inebriated.   

       On another note, the red LED is easily replaceable with a green one, and the external power jack can be set to "switch mode"(passive) to trigger other devices   

       (see owner's manual for details; 9VDC external power supply and switch-cable/adapter not included).
FlyingToaster, Dec 11 2014

       This might help me to find my glasses which I deposited on the left side under my bed but which regularly turn up on the right side. I'm all for it. [+]
Toto Anders, Dec 13 2014

       Monsters are terrified of strobing police lights.
4and20, Dec 13 2014


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