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No-Stick Laser Printer Toner!

WCSAMTTM*, why can't we make laser print not stick to vinyl?
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* WCSAMTTM = "We can send a man to the moon," a common preface to "why can't we..." when I was growing up in America. Had I grown up in Russia, it probably would have gone something like "Íû ìîæåì ïîñûëàòü ÷åëîâåêó ëóíå, òîâàðèùàì, ïî÷åìó íå ìîæåò ìû..."**, but that's another story.

** I apologize for the faulty font transmogrification that has inadvertently reduced this to gibberish. The people responsible have been sacked.

Where was I? Stroll the aisles of any modern office supply store, and you'll find two things - products to make speciality forms, such as business cards and brochures, with a laser printer - and vinyl notebooks, binders, and other apparatus to hold papers, many of which are printed with the aforementioned laser printer technology.

Now, what happens when you put the two together (and try to take them apart later)? Laser toner shadows all over your vinyl products, sometimes even bits of paper stuck on because the vinyl/toner/paper sandwich is fused together so tightly after being tossed into the trunk of a car or whatnot.

The intended surface (paper) and the problem substrate (vinyl) is so unlike that I can't imagine it would be that difficult for a good chemist to make a laser printer toner that would work in existing systems and not stick to vinyls. I for one would cheerfully pay a premium for this kind of toner cartridge.

resurgere, Jan 17 2003


       Pay *me* a premium and I'll provide you with some sheets of special blank barrier paper to insert at either end of your loose leaves, thus forming an impenetrable barrier betwixt vinyl and print. This is just like regular paper with one important difference - you have to pay a premium for it.   

       [edit - I've just come across the origin of this idea in that other anno on that other idea. Business cards - why didn't you say so? <smack> I'll have to give you a croissant now!]
egbert, Jan 17 2003

       Guess I owe st3... some kind of % of all royalties...
resurgere, Jan 17 2003

       [res] you'd probably get more croissants if you did a bit of research to find out why the ink sticks to vinyl and proposed a way around the problem ie add or substitute a certain ingredient. Otherwise this idea will either sink without trace or be WIBNI'd by admin.
egbert, Jan 18 2003

       Bacon Fat does have possibilities as a toner base. Doesn't seem to stick to vinyl, but impossible to remove from a morning paper.
resurgere, Jan 18 2003


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