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John Henry Stapler

A little steel driving man.
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The John Henry Stapler has a plastic dome, like those often filled with liquid and snow. Inside is a little John Henry, sledgehammer at the ready. A row of staples is at his feet. On pressing the button, John swings his hammer up and over, then down onto the staple, seating it into the paper.

BUNGCO engineers added the dome after there was too much curiosity about how strong little John really is. He is really strong. For those of you still curious, the dome unscrews.

bungston, Apr 18 2006


       Steam Riverboat full of BUNS for you! I want one! It will go perfectly next to my Paul Bunyan paper cutter!
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 18 2006

xandram, Apr 18 2006

       Don't make John look like a lawn figure and you'll go over the top with this one, I figure.
reensure, Apr 18 2006

       Wack-a-mole hole punch.
Galbinus_Caeli, Apr 18 2006

       Very good [bungston] does it come with a model of Polly Anne?
zeno, Apr 19 2006


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