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No More House Fires Part II

Need to prevent fires and can't SCUBA dive?
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Based off of UnaBubba's SCUBA house to prevent house fires. (linky)

Fill your house with nitrogen gas. Everyone would wear a respirator to supply them with oxygen. No worries about drowning, electrocution, poisoning from fecal contamination, or shark attack. No need to dry off when leaving the house. No need to decompress when going upstairs. No need to replace any existing electronics with water-proof versions.

GenYus, Mar 02 2004

UnaBubba's Idea http://www.halfbake...ore_20House_20Fires
Original Anti-Fire House [GenYus, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Helium http://physics.uwst...s/physqz/helium.htm
Looks like [RK] is more right. [Worldgineer, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       And how exactly would you serve candle-lit meals, toast marshmallows, drink flaming sambucas, stage indoor fireworks displays, prepare creme brulee, or dish up authentically-blazing Christmas pudding? Fire is fun, attractive, and useful.   

       (Actually, my lease forbids me from lighting candles, the unromantic bastards, but at least I have a gas stove.)
kropotkin, Mar 02 2004

       "What do you mean propane? I said nitrogen! We've been living in propane gas for a year and no one told us?!"   

       Helium might be more fun. You could tell if you had a leak in your mask by the change of voice.
Worldgineer, Mar 02 2004

       echo? cho? ho? o? ?
po, Mar 02 2004

       Hmm, [Worldgineer], I thought it was the speed of sound in helium(that you have inhaled) that makes your voice sqeaky. So a helium atmosphere might also do funny things to the sound.
RobertKidney, Mar 02 2004

       That's funny, I thought it was the density of helium and it's interaction with your vocal chords (like moving your arms faster in air vs. water). Now I'm curious.
Worldgineer, Mar 02 2004

       Third possibility - temperature chills your vocal cords ?   

       No, I checked, it's a speed of sound is different issue...[RobertKidney] has it.
normzone, Mar 02 2004

       Perhaps Halon gas would be better?
hippo, Mar 03 2004

       Helium also leaks much easier. And don't forget to tie your house down.
Ling, Mar 03 2004

       And helium is probably much more expensive than nitrogen.
GenYus, Mar 03 2004

       And what's all the talk of gas have to do with home fries? (home fries, not house fries...damnit!)   

       Oh...fires. That would explain things.   

       You get a fair bit of gas with home fries too, actually.
Eugene, Mar 03 2004


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