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Pee-Wee's secret word/fire alarm

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In addition to protecting you and your family from flaming death, this unique alarm is programmed to scream with glee when anyone in its vicinity says the secret word. Just choose a word, record it into the system, and presto! Your house is hard-wired for fun!
ophello, Sep 26 2005

(??) check out the phallacies www.peewee.com
c and b action! [schmendrick, Sep 27 2005]

[scmendrick]'s link as a link. http://www.peewee.com
[gnomethang, Sep 27 2005]


       "Wasn't that cool, that thing I saw on the Pee Wee Herman Show?"
DrCurry, Sep 26 2005

       I'm a big +er for this one. The secret word is what got me. (For those who have not seen the genius that was "The Pee-Wee Herman Show", you really should.)   

       Get a nice BIG chair, and settle in. The show was *not* for children, for the most part.   

       I still to this day laugh at the grandmas big panties skit. All the things you could do with grannies supper big cotton unders, other than the intended use. Oh my god, it was hysterical. When we tried to order the series from Netflix, we had to wait.   

       Skip the movies, but the t.v. show was worth getting up early on Saturday mornings.
blissmiss, Sep 27 2005

there are some interesting phallic symbols in the background of peewee's website.
schmendrick, Sep 27 2005

       I don't think I am stealing anything if I don't actually manufacture the product. In Pee-Wee's playhouse, everyone in the room screams when the secret word is said. I'm giving this responsibility to the fire alarm.
ophello, Sep 27 2005

       Yeah, but ideas inspired by books, film or TV are subject to special scrutiny around here. This one probably scrapes through - providing a practical mechanism for achieving something seen on TV.
DrCurry, Sep 27 2005


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