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Noisy lamp

Reminder for dummies who leave their indicators on
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You've followed them, perhaps, for miles.
Indicator blinking all the way. Especially on the older motorbikes.
An audible warning could be wired in, and these are available.

But easier still, purchase a lamp with an inbuilt sounder. No wiring necessary.
Left and right could be different tones, as could be front and rear. C major for left, and G major for right.
The added advantage would be that if one lamp should fail, the absence of sound would tell you which lamp.
Ling, Mar 26 2004


       Most cars do have a clicking sound associated with the indicators but it doesn't stop people forgetting to turn them off. After a while you get used to it.
hazel, Mar 26 2004

       If I was one of those drivers, I would prefer to have a noisy lamp than get a burnt arse.
Ling, Mar 26 2004

       What about a burnt lamp and a noisy arse?
Nitehawk, Mar 26 2004

       As Hazel pointed out noise doesn't work. There should be the possibility for the trailing car to indicate that a turn light is on. Honking is often considered rude and should be reserved for emergencies. It also doesn't say much about what is wrong.   

       One could combine the high beam with the turn light. If a driver uses the momentary switch for flashing the high beam and at the same time uses the turn light only one high beam turns on and blinks like a turn light to tell the offender what is wrong.
kbecker, Mar 26 2004

       On many cars, including my own, the turn signal turns off of it's own accord when you turn the sterring wheel back the other way ninety degree or so. I drive a Volvo. Must be that sensible German engineering.
Eugene, Mar 26 2004

       [Nitehawk], I don't often get a burnt lamp. But a noisy arse..well, I'm not saying.
Most annos seem to be based on cars, which are the minority of culprits.
Your annos don't make so much sense when applied to motorbikes, which is more what I had in mind.
Volvos from Germany?
Flashing the high beam doesn't have any effect on the dummies to which I refer. They normally don't check the rear view mirror either.
Electric shocks don't work so well when the brain is already dead.
Ling, Mar 27 2004


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