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Non-Skid Hot Dog

The grip is a trip.
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This is not a recipe. It is a food product with unique and varied functions. These dogs, sausages, weiners, bratwurst, etc. come prescored and preformed so that cooking will cause them to ‘bloom’ or plump up in a deep or shallow pattern that has interesting properties:

1) When the blooming side is down the dog will absolutely not slide off the bun.

2) When the blooming side is up the relish, sauerkraut, mustard, chili, etc. absolutely will not slide off.

The effects are more marked on one half a bun with one half a wiener with its toppings, when things tend to get slippery.

minoradjustments, Dec 11 2023

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       Pairs well with the message on your toast, and is able to continue the metaphor seamlessly. Or skinlessly, dependng.
minoradjustments, Dec 11 2023

       Grid pattern string around a poofy type hot dog?
Voice, Dec 11 2023

       [V] Yah. I cut opposing diagonals into my sausages, making a cross-hatch before microwaving or broiling. When pan-fried or broiled there are a lot of tasty nubs like pork belly charring. I do it every time I use a tube steak.   

       For marketing purposes they look just like regular wieners until they ‘bloom.’ Score one side or all around, whatever. Could be like kebabs without the stick. Dipping Dogs.
minoradjustments, Dec 11 2023


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