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Non-Stick Arteries

prevent heart attacks
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Heres the idea, a surgical operation where some kind of plastic/pyrex tube substitutes regular arteries. Some kind of non stick teflon like tube that could replace arties and keep platelets from building up and causing heart attacks. This could be used for people in danger of heart attacks. I just thought this up, what do ya think?
Slaith, Jan 28 2006

Teflon as a (likely) Carcinogen http://www.washingt...R2005062801458.html
[jurist, Jan 28 2006]

US patent 6,364,903 http://patft.uspto....903&RS=PN/6,364,903
PTFE coated stent [xaviergisz, Jan 28 2006]


       I can't quite bring myself to use the B-word. It's just utterly unfeasible to replace the entire circulatory system with an artificial subsititute, not to mention that the alternatives you mentioned will no longer pass oxygen to the surrounding cells.
5th Earth, Jan 28 2006

       hmm. Goretex (for passing oxygen) + Teflon (to avoid stickage) = the next stage in evolution: DuPont man!
roleohibachi, Jan 28 2006

       Nevermind that DuPont is furiously fending off litigation (and has been for two decades) because fundamental compounds in Teflon products have been repeatedly suspected as carcinogenic agents. The same PFOA or C-8 compounds are also in Gore-Tex. [link]
jurist, Jan 28 2006

       stents with PTFE (teflon) coating are known, although stents are used sparingly (ie not replacing all the arteries) and as a treatment rather than a preventitive measure.
xaviergisz, Jan 28 2006

       Interestingly, most heart attacks are not caused by build-up of goo in your arteries, but rather, by inflammation in the arterial walls that suddenly ruptures causing a clot to form. When the clot breaks free, it often gets lodged in a vital organ, like the brain, heart, or lungs.
TIB, Jan 28 2006

       Teflon has probably enabled arterial disease via the furtherance of slaphappy cooking practice.
reensure, Jan 29 2006


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