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Nonsense Language Songs

Let the kids sing these so they can speak all the world's languages without an accent
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They say that to learn a language without an accent, you have to have started at a very young age so that your mouth and tongue can learn the motor skills for that language's phonemes and imprint them.

Why not create a serious of nonsense songs containing words made up of (ultimately) all of the phonemes in all of the world's languages? (There is a fairly small, and limited number)

Teach them to kids at an early age, and then as they grow up they can choose to learn any language there is, and they would have a better chance of having no accent.

zigness, Feb 18 2004

Mairzy Doats http://www.rienzihi...ING/mairzydoats.htm
A little Bing Crosby croon to begin your collection of phonemes. This rendition published by the Merry Macs. [jurist, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Category Changed... that was an error.
zigness, Feb 18 2004

       I quote hip hop artist Missy Eliot:   

       Iffy kiffy izzy oh
Musi ques
I sews on bews
I pues a twos on que zat
Pue zoo-
My kizzer!
Pous zigga ay zee
Its all kizza
Its always like
Its all kizza
Its always like
Na zound!
Wa zee!
Wa zoom zoom zee!

       Perhaps we can use this as a place to start working.
Laughs Last, Feb 18 2004

       The rine in spine falls minely on the pline.   

       [laughs]... I think you're on to something here.
zigness, Feb 18 2004

       No kindergarten teacher currently alive would be able to sing this song with completely correct pronounciation. But you could teach it from a recording of spliced together phonemes.
robinism, Jan 16 2005

       I think these should be songs with video, so that children could see the lips, and how the words are pronunced.   

       It is much more difficult to learn a nonsense if one doesn't know the meaning. Maybe these songs could be associated with various objects with nonsense names, and all this would be shown by TV in a creative way...
Inyuki, Jan 16 2005

       Have you thought about the 'click song'? It is a song sung to children from the bushmen. The african bushmen use a click in their vocabulary (moviesuggestion: "The gods must be crazy"). I am against this idea for two reasons: 1) why complicate things by trying to teach children in advance something they may not need in future? 2) Already children at a young age are showing signs of adult stress (e.g. burnout). Some studies have concluded that children nowadays are pushed too hard to learn too many things.   

       incidentally: the Click song is a nonsense song. The words don't have actual meaning but helps the children to reckonize the Click and later use it. For children, hearing is learning. Reckognition comes later.
Susan, Jan 16 2005

       There are simlish songs now   

       It would be wonderful to have a sims language option that did this teaching
beanangel, Oct 03 2007

       //to learn a language without an accent, you have to have started at a very young age//   

       Beaulocques. It just needs a little bit of application is all.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2010

       Assuming you're right in your basic assumptions, would this work for Chinese, or other tonal languages?   

       Also, why assume that loss of the ability to produce phonemes not in one's mother tongue is a purely bad thing? My intuition is exactly the opposite: that loss of the ability to produce unneeded phonemes is part of a process of specialization essential for *gaining* the ability to produce needed phonemes correctly. Under that counterhypothesis, either the children would lose their ability to sing the nonsense songs as they got older, or else you would produce adults who couldn't pronounce *any* language correctly.   

       tl;dr I like this as a proposal for an experiment. However, there's an ethical obstacle to actually conducting it.   

       Et beaulocques ne sont point beaux.
mouseposture, Jan 27 2010

       // an experiment. However, there's an ethical obstacle//   

       Beaulocques encore.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 27 2010

       ...sele!alale!itapo heya !ongo!angwe...   

       (my parents had a recording of the click song as recorded by Miriam Makeba in the 50s/60s. Probably explains why my conlang has click phonemes...)
prufrax, Jan 28 2010

       Surely this is baked by that "Gangster Wrap" that young folk listen to these days/
MaxwellBuchanan, Jan 28 2010

       // nonsense songs //   

       Baked. Anything in Welsh.
8th of 7, Jan 28 2010

       Not a bad idea. Since language is the way it is (hopefully *not* nonsense), how about this, though: make a full length feature film that has hundreds of spoken lines in it, each in a different language. Animate the characters and make the action, context, body language and general goings-on clear enough to enjoy and follow the story. This way you get a lot more visual cues, maybe a little grammar, how the phonemes flow in actual speech--ya know, all that good stuff.
ShaneSezWhat, Jan 29 2010

       Sounds like the Muzzy series, which is dubbed into multiple languages for the purpose of teaching foreign languages to small kids.
prufrax, Jan 29 2010


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