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Normalize, dammit! (+tab mute)

an end to the annoying volume rollercoaster
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Your MP3s have different volumes. Different web sites have flash apps with varying volumes. Youtube videos have varying volumes. But today I was listening to the Guardian online podcast and midway through the 26 min. podcast I realize It's the 6th or 7th time I've adjusted the volume! This has gone too far. Enter the audio volume normalizer AUDIO DRIVER. Replacing your existing audio driver, it records and analyzes all the audio coming out of your computer (not depending on which app it's coming from) and normalizes the master volume accordingly to fit the overall average volume for the last 15 minutes or so. Or maybe just fix it to a certain sound level in the real world (decibels). And while I'm at it, MUTE BUTTONS FOR INDIVIDUAL BROWSER TABS! And make them ON by default!
supershnitzel, Jun 17 2009


       i second the tab-mute, but i guess with streaming media (and in-file operations) it is too hard to normalize the volume: imgagine a streaming talk, there are people talking loudly, some are whispering asides, there are pauses with jsut some backgraound murmur, - all would be normalized to one volume. For between-tracks volume changes tools thatnormalize the volume already exist. (With catastrophic consequences for classical pieces and Metal sitting side by side)
loonquawl, Jun 17 2009

       @loonqual - "there are people talking loudly, some are whispering asides, there are pauses with jsut some backgraound murmur" -- (I'm guessing) Today's "offline" normalization methods (which work great for for MP3s) calculate the average volume of ,say, 10 tracks , and readjust the volume of each track so that it's OWN average volume equals the TOTAL average. So, with "live" normalization, the "total" average above would be the average of the last ,say, 15 minutes, and the "track average" would be the average of the last, say, 15 seconds. so for the case in question, if someone decides to start whispering in the middle of a podcast, after 15 seconds the volume will start rising gradually, and after 30 seconds will equal the volume he was speaking at before he started whispering. (I think I got this theoretically straight...)
supershnitzel, Jun 17 2009

       oops.. my brain is becoming non-linear.. "annying the" <-- "the annoying" .
supershnitzel, Jun 17 2009

       What seems to be the problem? Everything in my life is normalized.
normzone, Jun 17 2009

       no private jokes please.
supershnitzel, Jun 17 2009

       /no private jokes please./   

       All privates jokes should be made pubically.
bungston, Jun 17 2009

       my brain ftw!
supershnitzel, Jun 18 2009

       "All privates jokes should be made pubically."   

       I'd promote that as a first class idea.
normzone, Jun 22 2009

       I DEMAND control of the decibel levels on my computer and electronic devices! I want to nail this demand to the doors of all those responsible for the utter lack of a volume knob or mute button in any web browser. It should be as easy to reach as the address bar. I'm looking right at you Apple, Microsoft, and Google! Where's the volume knob on your browsers? I haven't seen such a beast in any of the "alternative" browsers when it would be such a valuable gimmick to have. I think the main culprit is the company too evil--even for me--to mention by name: %$#@dobe
evildork, Jan 05 2010


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