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Norman de Ploom Registry

Universal, multi-language, searchable database of Nom de Plumes, aliases, stage names, internet names, joke names, CB handles and hotel register favourites.
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Having recently been asked to assist in formulating a response to a petition handed to Government, I was astounded at the number of hilarious Nom de Plumes amongst the genuine petitioners. Call me dim <cups hand to ear> but I have also only just 'got' the construct of our HB friend [Amos Kito]. Ha! Good one, Mozzie! Similarly, it took me at least a month on the 'Bakery before [Rods Tiger] came into sharp focus.

All language is beautiful, and it is especially beautiful when it is manipulated and evolves in pop culture, for the purposes of humour, satire, insurrection, entertainment, debauchery, education, deflation of the pompous and political and social progress.

The same constructs abound in all languages of course, some far more than English in fact, and I think it would be a very valuable resource to have a comprehensive list (a wiki perhaps?) of such names - searchable by macro as one enters a name into a list <calls for technical assistance >

At the very least, it may stop someone wasting time attempting to contact a Mr Craven Moorehead regarding his objection to changes in bus timetables.

Please, not a call for a list, unless you have a particularly clever one you wish to share.

ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 25 2008


       + I like it, as I love words and the interestingness that comes along with them.
xandram, Mar 25 2008

       Just call me the 'baker formerly known as [phoenix].
phoenix, Mar 25 2008

       I never got [Amos Kito] until you pointed it out. Cool.
phundug, Mar 25 2008

       An old British tradition...Harry Stottle, aat. Not seeing why we should have to explain the joke for everyone, though - let them get it themselves!
DrCurry, Mar 26 2008

       I, uh, still don't get Rods Tiger. Help?   

gisho, Mar 27 2008

       I quite liked the name dpsyplc.
david_scothern, Mar 27 2008

       Title edited from 'Nom de Plume Registry'
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 27 2008

       Uh, why?
jutta, Mar 27 2008

       To create an exemplary self-referential pun, presumably.
pertinax, Mar 27 2008

       Seems logical to me.
normzone, Mar 27 2008


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