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Not your Stereotype series

Almost-thriller series about failure to convince that you aren't what people think
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This series about culture clash is set in foreign countries and has a seemingly documentary quality, but winds out to be the beginning of a thriller (without catharsis). It is whimsical but deep.

Many of the dialogs include a lot of humor, but the humor is meant for the players on the set, who sometimes laugh, but sometimes show their cultural differences when they don't.

This is a non-violent show. There is no physical violence shown, but the people's attitudes towards violence and its use, and their opinions about the need for violence, are central to the show. So violent events are present off- screen and are referred to.

In each episode, we get to meet a small group of people singled out from within a larger group of the same ethnicity and culture in a different country (and language). These include kids and elders.

Each episode shows two very different even clashing cultures within the chosen ethnicity and country. During the episode the enmity between the cultures is clearly expressed in very strong terms.

The cultures are painted with authentic details of their everyday life. But in a subtle way, they are also depicted as you would expect from their stereotypes.

At the beginning of each episode, we get to see how they live happily, what makes them glad. Each episode starts with a narrator explaining what kind of humor this culture has and how it is used. Some time into the first quarter the narrator talks about violence and how this culture views it in their narrative.

The stereotype is emphasized in each episode by showing the older generation passing on its values to the next and younger generation. These values are very different from those usually shown on film. Such as values of fear of the elders and respect for crazy traditions, adopting strict hierarchy, and advocating values that are generally unacceptable in the "modern world". Each group is shown to believe that they are superior to the others.

The heroes of the movie, at least one man and one woman from each culture, are singled out, and lead the episode's plot (although the actual plot is secondary to the idea of the film).

The people singled out, try to show that they are NOT the stereotype that people think of them. But unknowingly they fail and leave you with the (false) impression that the stereotypes you had held all along were and still are all correct and very real.

Besides the main characters, in each episode you get to meet quite a few other people in a close way, with something they did in the past that they regret, and somehow showing what they would like to be remembered for.


The Jews own the media, the bank, and the law firm, run the porn industry and wind up helping each other even though the liberal reforms hate the ultra-orthodox Jews. They are always outsmarting everyone and breaking down society because of their inherently unpatriotic character, which the heroes take time to attempt refuting to the camera.

The Sunnis pay for a Muslim Brotherhood fundraiser and emphasize how the Shiites are crazy and not true Muslims. Proud mothers talk about their son being a real man, marrying more than one wife.

The Ukrainians hate the Russians and think they are much smarter than them, while all work as scientists in the military and food industry. The Japanese do everything robotically calculated without feelings and hate the Chinese. And the Protestants hate the Catholics while teaching their only daughter about love. She meets the Catholic kids at school who almost kill her in a snowball fight....

Season 1 episode 1 starts by meeting Redneck Americans.

One of the last episodes in the series shows two enemy "liberal" cultures, who all suffer the same problems that the other older cultures hold.

Anyway all that is just the background. The main part of each episode is when it turns into a thriller, when the main characters meet the characters from the previous episode in an always funny but sometimes scary culture clash.

pashute, Jul 07 2021


       The problem with nationalism, isn't that it's all complete bollocks. It's that it disguises simple-mindedness with a thin veneer of fake cultural respectability. Thankfully, some people remain immune to nationalistic or cultural nonsense, despite concerted efforts to simplify things to the contrary.   

       And whilst it might be a nice feeling to imagine you belong to some wider culture - and that anyone who doesn't is somehow excluded from your worldview in some way - for me, it's healthier for all that nonsense to stop at the earliest opportunity. Weirdly every "culture" has its own stereotypical stereotypes, there are rude ones, shy ones, quiet ones and stupid ones, proud ones, smart and hard working. Just shuffle the archetypes around depending on which country you're visiting, none of them are fixed, they're all relative to the culture in which they fester - equally nonsense wherever they're found, or to whichever nation, racial or cultural group they are arbitrarily assigned.
zen_tom, Jul 07 2021

       //unknowingly they fail... the stereotypes you had were all real//
So the whole point seems to be that people ARE "your stereotype"?
Rather than doing racial/cultural stereotypes, challenge visual assumptions; eg: the big, broken-toothed, tattoo- covered guy is actually really nice & likes to bake muffins; the sweet-looking old lady is a gun-toting bitch; that sort of thing.
neutrinos_shadow, Jul 07 2021

       //The people singled out, try to show that they are NOT the stereotype that people think of them. But unknowingly they fail and leave you with the impression that the stereotypes you had were all real.//   

       So... this is about confirming the stereotype of Redneck Americans in the first season before it gets cancelled?   

       Where's the entertainment?
Voice, Jul 08 2021

       OK sorry. I corrected "with the impression that" to "with the (false) impression that"...   

       And clarified it a bit. The fun is in the thriller plot which is not mentioned here, because there's no problem creating it.   

       The point is that there are tons of stereotypes in movies and you just get angry watching them (or sometimes, rarely, laugh and then are embarrassed at yourself. I recently saw a movie where the protagonist meets a group of terrorists on camels one of them is supposed to be Muhammed, his guide through the desert. He asks: "Which of them is Mohammed?" and his translator says: "All of them".)   

       This time the NAME of the series is NOT YOUR STEREOTYPE and you get to realize that you are a kind of a redneck yourself believing it. (I know, this is a very bad idea prone to go very wrong, and the year after there will be not a youngster who isn't into one of those minority cultures, and proud of it).
pashute, Jul 11 2021

       Thanks a1! So the idea is actually baked by Tom Lehrer...
pashute, Jul 11 2021


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