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Not your garden variety garden hose

A foldable hose(pipe)
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Like a drinking straw that can bend, this hose has stiff sections with accordion joints that can be bent and stay bent in any configuration. Thus one can easily construct an abstract lawn sculpture that spews out like a fountain for hot giggling kids to run under or that squirts upward like a sprinkler to water a sun-thrashed, thirsty lawn.

After use the hose can be folded away into a triangular or square stack.

FarmerJohn, Jan 28 2005

A stunted version of the foldable hose http://www.kbtoys.c...B09RdISa593DFFAE50D
[robinism, Jan 29 2005]


       //hot giggling kids// Never thought you were 'like that,' FJ.
Jokes aside, [+]. It would definitely be easier to coil this than standard hose.
contracts, Jan 28 2005

       It's good, it's real good. You should send that in to Readers Digest they've got a page for people like you;-)+
zeno, Jan 28 2005

       <shakes head>This is actually a superior design to completely flexible hose, if only because it wont tangle up and knot so easy.</shakes head>
cuckoointherye, Jan 28 2005

       If there was a lot of water pressure inside the hose, wouldn't the accordion folds start to straighten out?
robinism, Jan 29 2005

       This could also be used to aim it at a section of the garden with a sprinkler head on it. Good one!
paix120, Apr 03 2009

       + for the title.
ldischler, Apr 03 2009


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