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Note coins

Coins of different denominations sound appropriate notes
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"Coins" consisting of tubular bells of different lengths. The lower the pitch of the note each coin sounds when struck, the higher the denomination, so a middle C coin is worth half as much as a bottom C coin and twice as much as a top C coin, and so on. Counterfeit coins made of different composition would be detectable because they would sound the wrong notes, and dropping coins onto a hard surface would give some indication of the total value from the sound of the cacophony or harmony produced.
nineteenthly, Mar 23 2011

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       [+] I like it and also think a game may be played by throwing the coins into a bucket to make a song!
xandram, Mar 23 2011

       Love it!
Jinbish, Mar 23 2011

To the mint!

       Is this meant as a pun, as in a pound note?
phundug, Mar 23 2011

       //Counterfeit coins made of different composition would be detectable because they would sound the wrong note// They would not, in other words, ring true.
mouseposture, Mar 24 2011

       I suggest cutting normal coins in a spiral. That'd give you a long coil, without changing the coin much.   

       I've a couple of solid silver coins, and a counterfeit that is clad copper. There is a great difference in how they ring when I bounce them on a counter the way folks used to do when gold and silver coins were used. As [mouseposture] says, "ring true" is an old phrase.
baconbrain, Mar 24 2011


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