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Novelty hyperconsumerist mall living

You live on top of a shopping mall, but it's not a normal shopping mall, it's an novelty shopping mall..
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You live in a apartment situated above the shopping mall. Your shopping mall is built above a train station.

The carriages in the train station align with markers on the platform where there are logos for various other malls nearby which have different brands. There is even a carriage for your employer which has a logo on the platform floor so you can get a seat while commuting.

Rather than the hub and spoke model of transport, this society in this idea uses a decentralised form of office space where offices are spread out across the train network.

You decide to enter the mall via the hyper consumerist entrance, the "dressing store". In the dressing store, there's a shop of designer clothes, outfits, costumes in a minimalist Apple kind of store and changing rooms. You and your partner change into some trendy clothes and exit the dressing store into the main shopping mall. You don't pay retail price for these clothes, you just borrow them for your day out in the mall and pay for the time you wore them when you come back to change into your own clothes.

There's pubs, cinema, theatre, stages, nightclub, bakery, restaurants, tv rooms, supermarkets in this shopping mall.

Everybody looks absolutely fabulous and everybody is grinning.

Tv rooms are rooms where they play a branded channel and you can go in and watch television such as sport. There's a bar for food and snacks while you enjoy the television.

You can go to the economic abstraction shop and sort out every aspect of your life from pension, to maintenance of your car.

There's a skyscraper of offices in the mall but your employer isn't at this mall but is at the mall down the train station line. So you can commute to work easily to another mall.

There is a wide selection of shops and restaurants in the mall so you can eat out every night, a different kind of food every night.

You pay a monthly fee for the maintenance of the shopping mall that you live over.

Now you're in a place you really can CONSUME!

There's regular photo opportunities throughout the mall and in each of the shops.

You can go to theatre one night, to cinema the next, to the nightclub on the Friday.

chronological, Jun 30 2020

Logan's Run https://en.wikipedi..._Run_(film)#Filming
Filmed on location - shopping mall, night club, skyscraper, water garden, hotel, ... [kdf, Jun 30 2020]

Arcade Providence https://www.arcadeprovidence.com/
Historical Landmark + Shopping Mall + Apartments ... [kdf, Jul 28 2020]


       It's a shame that shopping malls are lousy business investments.   

       Intu is the leading shopping mall owner in the UK and £4.5 billion in debt with 17 malls.
chronological, Jun 30 2020

       It's just like living in the suburbs, minus the parking lots and trees and some grass here and there.   

       Trees you could do indoors with the right sort of architectural design.
RayfordSteele, Jun 30 2020

       The description reminds me of Logan's Run. Don't visit the Carousel. There is no Sanctuary.
kdf, Jun 30 2020

       Afterthought - No wonder this reminds me of Logan's Run... much of that movie was filmed in a shopping mall (link):   

       "Producers saved $3 million by finding readily available locations in numerous Dallas buildings, including the Apparel Mart at Dallas Market Center (The Great Hall), Oz Restaurant and Nightclub (The Love Shop) and Pegasus Place (Sandman headquarters), the Fort Worth Water Gardens, and the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Houston. The Sewage Disposal Plant in El Segundo, California was used for the underground escape sequences."
kdf, Jun 30 2020

       Bump for selfish reasons.
chronological, Jul 28 2020

       Baked, at least since 2013 when Westminster Arcade re- opened as mixed use residential+business. See link for Arcade Providence. Overview:   

       A Neighborhood Within a Neighborhood   

       Located in the center of downtown Providence, Rhode Island, The Arcade Providence was built in 1828 and it is the oldest indoor mall in the United States. After an extensive renovation, it is now home to 48 micro-loft apartments on the upper two floors, with a first floor of small business retail, including a full service local foods restaurant, a coffee shop/whiskey bar, casual dining, and several unique retail shops.
kdf, Jul 28 2020

       Google "apartments in shopping malls" or "living in a shopping mall" turns up several related ones. Not a new idea.
kdf, Jul 28 2020

       This more than merely apartments in shopping malls, this is on top of a train station, with offices and employment within 5 minutes walk. And you get to wear fashionable clothes during your visit.
chronological, Aug 01 2020

       Couldn't I work in a fashionable clothing store in said mall, or even an office there with a snazzy dress code? And not sure how the train station is relevant to the residents if it's all a self-contained live/work environment for them.
kdf, Aug 01 2020


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