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oil change and annual checkup

A doctor and an auto repair guy should do double appointments.
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You would drive into the oil change lot and leave the car. Walk next door to the doc's get the checkup and wander back to find the car waiting for you ready to drive off.

They could share the office appointment maker / receptionist.

(Both tasks are a pain, and I always put them off too long. This kind of thing might make it easier.)

popbottle, May 02 2013


       That's convenient. I would even be more likely to go to the doctor if I had an oil change as an excuse. Welcome to the halfbakery.
DIYMatt, May 02 2013

       Depending on the nature and extent of cyborgisation, these could merge.
nineteenthly, May 02 2013

       My parents have given some thought into opening a joint family medicine/veterinary practice here in our little town. Maybe they should have a drive-through oil-change and service bay around the back.
Alterother, May 02 2013

       What if the doc discovers that you need surgery, stat, and wants you to drive down to the local hospital but your car's out of commission?
RayfordSteele, May 02 2013

       They should also have a barber, for my annual haircut.
phundug, May 02 2013

       // What if the doc discovers that you need surgery, stat, and wants you to drive down to the local hospital but your car's out of commission? //   

       Well, the ambulance crew waiting on standby at the volunteer fire department would take you in an emergency, otherwise the mechanic would have one or two loaner cars in the back lot. I mean, we have all the amenities of modern life here. It's a small town in the mountains, not the Outer Hebrides.
Alterother, May 02 2013

       I am an //office appointment maker receptionist// and on a bad day I might say "Mr. Jones your cholesterol needs to be changed every six months." [+]
xandram, May 03 2013

       For most things a doctor would immediately send you to surgery for, they are going to call an ambulance, since anything that immediate usually comes with a high risk of passing out/losing control.   

       For most things, the doctor will schedule an appointment some time in the future for the procedure, since they need to schedule a non- emergency operating room and surgical team.
MechE, May 03 2013

       And when you get home, your carpets have been steam cleaned. Bun!
not_only_but_also, May 04 2013

       It should also be a barber's so they can surgerise you.
nineteenthly, May 04 2013

       Welcome [popbottle] to the Royal Society of Noble Half Bakers aka the Halfbakery.   

       Your sentence construction/grammar needs some attention [we're very particular about that sort of thing here], but you are nevertheless rewarded with a croissant, upon which to feast, and use to wash down the irritating itch of that single nuisance fish bone. [+]
xenzag, May 04 2013


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