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Nuclear meltdown tomb

Build the waste nuclear waste containment under the core
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I think the key to nuclear material is concentration. The best act would be to spread the the isotopes to such a thin concentration that their effect is negligible. Homeopaths may help in this regard.

I suggest that under the core there be built a cone or pyramid with filtration grates. A lower grate would have holes drilled further from the central melt through line. Upward spikes on the grates would also help melted material spread. The idea would be to spread the material enough to cool the material.

I was thinking of also adding small CO2 extinguisher packages, cleverly placed, that when contacted, splatter the material to a wider volume.

And because the worst has come to the worst, the top can be capped and we can build another one somewhere else.

wjt, Apr 03 2011

Basically this Reactor_20Rod_20Bun..._20In_20Emergencies
The cone concept is discussed in the posts. [doctorremulac3, Apr 03 2011]

Perhaps this on an industrial scale Sieve_20of_20Eratosthenes_20sieve
and perhaps arranged in Ulam's spiral. [4whom, Apr 04 2011]


       power and it takes about three weeks to cool off. Fukashima was result of not being able to properly dissapate this decay heat (this is also why spent fuel is kept in pools).   

       The cone would probably cost a lot to build and not add much more than following current criticality rules and keeping water on hot fuel as it naturally cools down.   

       (Currently working as a nuclear engineer)
metarinka, Apr 04 2011

       Or build the offices for top management in a room directly under the core. In case of the smallest temblor, the doors are locked and The China Syndrome plays on a wall sized screen.
ldischler, Apr 04 2011

       Perhaps followed by a screening of C.H.U.D. - China Syndrome is sort of dry and cerebral but C.H.U.D. grabs you, chews you up and spits you out. Then chews you some more.
bungston, Apr 04 2011

       //And because the worst has come to the worst, the top can be capped and we can build another one somewhere else.// From your lips to god's ears.
4whom, Apr 04 2011


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