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Nude Supermarket

Everything is half off!
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Grocery shopping has gotten to be one of those mundane, boring things like brushing one's teeth and taking out the trash. Why? The Nude Supermarket, where clothing is not allowed, would make shopping a refreshing, lively experience in a safe, friendly atmosphere.

A walled parking area would keep everything out of sight from the main street. And operating costs would likely be slightly lower thanks to the better insurance rates brought out by reduced shoplifting opportunities, translating to savings for the shoppers or profits for the owners.

mrnesbit, May 17 2001

Nude Supermarket http://www.best.com.../naturism/bernd.htm
Baked. "...it was a great excitement for me to visit a supermarket in the nude...". Not *too* exciting, hopefully. [hippo, May 17 2001, last modified Oct 04 2004]

lee Girl http://www.halfbake...ude supermarket.com
dsahfopqhwerjnv [LeeGirll, Oct 04 2004]


       I want everyone to have to go through a decontamination procedure before entering the produce or meat section.   

       Maybe shoppers could simply be issued transparent clothing.
wiml, May 17 2001

       Ah, I can just see the skinny shanks, the beer bellies, the fallen breasts, the mats of hair, the crooked feet, the rolling and wobbling buttocks. It would certainly give shoppers a break from the pictures of those oh-so-perfect models in the adverts. Maybe we'd eventually relearn what real people look like. Cool.
Dog Ed, May 17 2001

       i think that *it* would probably end up interfering with the handling of the trolley (attractive people have to shop too Dog Ed)
chud, May 17 2001

       chud: Good point. *quickly stifling embarrassing member with a bag of frozen peas*
Dog Ed, May 17 2001

       You'd have to make sure to look behind yourself before selecting anything from the bottom shelf.
DPinAZ, May 17 2001

       Shoplifters will be interrogated in the meat locker.
reensure, May 17 2001

       Was it David Sedaris who said something to the effect of "Most people who inhabit nudist colonies are the last people you'd want to see in the nude"? Whomever it was, I expect that's the truth and would end up applying to this experiment as well.
centauri, May 17 2001

       Fortunately I live in a part of Los Angeles where fit bodies are displayed prominently - even while clothed. God I love spring/summer here.
thumbwax, May 17 2001

       The frozen foods aisle is uncomfortable as it is.
TickleMeElmo, May 18 2001

       GROSS!, though I see the point. Hey, isn't this discriminatory against women? No clothes might be a problem once in a while... You still need to get food!
sumidog123, Aug 17 2002

       I like this idea, actually, as long as there's multiple floor drains throughout the building.   

       Nature calls, after all.
LSlugBoogie, Aug 23 2002

       hey where is this nude supermarket? does anyone know the address because i go nude sunbathing and find the idea of a nude store kind of become a fantasy come true. thanks guys =)
ucirfan, Nov 25 2002

       Yuck. If there's one store in which we don't need unrestrained pubic hair, ass scratching, and so on, it's the grocery.
horripilation, Nov 25 2002

       ..."Nude Pub" (don't stand near the dartboard) coming a close second.
hippo, Nov 25 2002

bspollard, Nov 25 2002

       Only a couple of problems with this one... First of all, chest freezers might litterally become chest freezers... not especially great if you have expectant/new mothers likely to "dribble" when they bend over... I don't really want to find some mini milks in with the frozen peas... also, extra electricity to keep the place warm would also meen extra electricity to keep the chillers cold... Sadly, as many have pointed out, the honey:munter ratio is usually heavily in the latter. Basically, i'm sure there are easier ways of getting to see fit chicks naked.
Seaneeboy, Nov 25 2002

       hey guys what is the address to the nude supermarket..does anyone know? please tell me because i would love to check it out
ucirfan, Nov 25 2002

       Yeah! I just ripped all my gear off and stood in front of the mirror with a tin of baked beans in my hand, and I wouldn't want to see me in a nude supermarket either.
Micky Dread, Nov 25 2002

       where is this nude supermarket =( i feel so left out that no one has been able to tell me where it is. can someone please tell me where it is. i am very thrilled to hear about it because its like a fantasy come true :-p
ucirfan, Nov 25 2002

       [ucirfan] Um, do you know this is a website for ideas, not for stuff that's actually happened? There's probably one in france though.   

       Ooh, have a look at the link Hippo left. it might tell you there. i'm not going to look any further just yet in case I get caught looking at it from work :)
Seaneeboy, Nov 29 2002

       oh no..i did not know this was a website for ideas...maybe this idea may come true =p
ucirfan, Dec 02 2002

       This would be good for people on diets. Not only would having to go to the supermarket with no clothes on motivate you to lose weight, the sight of the other bodies there would spoil your appetite, so you probably wouldn't buy too much food.
mrthingy, Jan 31 2003

       Nude supermarket nube supermarket
LeeGirll, Jan 31 2003

       I'm just now checking out of Club Med. When you've seen as many sunburned jumbo-mango shaped mammaries attached to obese women in their mid-40s, you'll realise that this idea would be a great diet fad, if not exactly good for supermarket business.   

       That combined with the watery scrambled eggs that they serve here, the effect of the blistering sun, and the flu bug that has been going round the resort and I have lost a couple of pounds a day. When I recover, I'll probably feel fabulous.
FloridaManatee, Feb 01 2003

       this could be linked in with a weightwatchers diet. anyone on the program must shop in the nude, adding an extra incentive to the the whole weight-loss process. however, i have a long held belief that anyone with a convex stomach should not be allowed to reveal it anywhere, anywhen. if you wanna strip, put down the pork chop, brando.
sambwiches, Feb 01 2003

       Where do I put my wallet? </rhetorical question>
Salmon Of Doubt, Jun 08 2006

       <rhetorical answer>In your bag ?</rhetorical answer>
neilp, Jun 09 2006

       omg....this brings asking out people so much easier, instroducing the "book of witty food/human puns"   

       So....coming near you:   

       -Body sushi (body shots) -"I can't help but notice that your melons aren't square. are you not japanese?"   

       -Now selling, Hot dog buns!   

       -"nice tan!...but it doesn't look as good as your pinapple."   

       -"before coming in....you must wear this plug for safety reasons"   

       -is there such think as coupons? such as scanning there?   

compatta, Jun 09 2006


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