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Nunchaku Walking Stick

walk quietly but carry an unfolding stick
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Some walking sticks, or canes for blind people, can be pulled apart, with the segments remaining connected by a chain and spring arrangement.

Nunchaku Walking Stick uses the same arrangement, except the chain connecting the two segments has extra links. At the turn of a knurled knob, the extra lengths of chain are released from storage inside the shafts, locked in place, and the previously benign walker becomes a weapon of fearsome capacity.

xenzag, Jan 04 2013

Nunchaku http://images1.wiki...tNunchakuParts2.jpg
like this only longer and with a few extra bits [xenzag, Jan 04 2013]

Bruce Lee https://www.youtube...watch?v=6k9FLbpPHW0
nanchaku versus sword... guess who wins? [xenzag, Jan 04 2013]

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       I appreciate subtly carryable weapons, but the thought of having to learn to use nunchaku dismays me. Nonetheless, (+).
normzone, Jan 04 2013

       Just twirl it around and make yelping sounds like Bruce Lee. Should do the trick on a dark night.
xenzag, Jan 04 2013

       Except in tight spaces or against long bladed weapons, a nunchack doesn't have a significant advantage over a staff in combat.
MechE, Jan 04 2013


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