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Obsidian Hand Knife-shaped computer

Shaped computing
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Now that computers are small enough to basically fit in anything, what shape should we be making stuff so it is fun to interact with? First of all original materials are probably better. Second, what shape would work? Maybe someone could scan a whole bunch of archeological obsidian hand knives and average them together and then embed a computer in that.

I would also like a computer shsped like a cartoon caveman club please.

JesusHChrist, Feb 26 2015

Google image results https://www.google....Ak&biw=1024&bih=720
[pocmloc, Feb 26 2015]

Proof of concept https://www.flickr....askpang/9694967999/
[pocmloc, Feb 26 2015]

Holster Computer Holster_20Computer
While any shape is possible, some shapes may be more useful than others. [Vernon, Feb 26 2015]


       What sort of fun interactions does one have with an obsidian hand knife? Ritual sacrifice?
bungston, Feb 26 2015

8th of 7, Feb 26 2015


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