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Google Street View, but smaller
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Where's my assembler reference manual? More importantly, where's my coffee mug with the amusing slogan on? Now I can search my office intranet for both.

The OfficeView car is a model car which tours the office each evening, taking panoramic photos of every desk. It's based on a remote control car, with technology taken from the Roomba to navigate around the office and drive down any alleyways it finds. A cluster of cameras on a tall stalk takes panoramic pictures as it goes. It's refitted with a brushless motor and belt drives so it's quiet and won't disturb anyone working late. Once it's completed its tour, it returns to a docking station to recharge and upload its photos to the company intranet.

Rather than blurring text, OfficeView OCRs it to make an imperfect, but usable, searchable index so you can locate that book your colleague has borrowed.

Srimech, Apr 03 2009

Rovio (by the makers of RoboSapien) http://www.meetrovio.com/
a very cool mobile webcam [xaviergisz, Apr 05 2009]

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       This, Senor Imech, is a good idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 03 2009

       I love it. Love it love it love it! Musta been hard not to name it Goof-offview though.
blissmiss, Apr 03 2009

       21, that is so dull!
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 03 2009

       I like your idea   

       This could create greater productivity as there are people that tend to think about or know what is at the surface of their area flipping through alternate views creates a bigger office area full of rememberable things
beanangel, Apr 05 2009

       This isn't going to help me if I leave my keys in my desk drawer but don't know for sure if I left them in there.
phundug, Apr 06 2009

       You need DrawerView!
xenzag, Apr 06 2009

       Sorry [phundug], we couldn't get the x-ray version past the CPSC.   

       Thanks for the link [xaviergisz], that's rather nice if a bit pricey.
Srimech, Apr 06 2009


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