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"Siri, what does that cloud look like?"

Image comparison of random objects.
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Take a picture of a cloud (or rock, or tree) and ask Siri to search the WWW database of images to find the closest one.

"This cloud resembles a basset hound, see picture I found overlayed onto the cloud picture you submitted."

This would mean sitting on a quite hilltop looking at the clouds as they float by and trying to imagine what they resemble could be done with precision and efficiency so you could get off that hill and go back to work being a productive member of society and could pay your taxes so the rich wouldn't have to deal with only being a million times richer all these lazy proles and we could get some progress towards a better world where people aren't lazing about enjoying life at the expense of their ruling elite.

doctorremulac3, Apr 27 2021

https://www.gocomic.../peanuts/1960/08/14 Peanuts by Charles Schulz - August 14, 1960 [a1, Apr 27 2021]


       I did just say "Hey Siri - what does that cloud look like?" to see what would happen. She returned with a summary of what clouds are, culled from Wikipedia.   

       I like Charlie Brown's answer better <linked>.
a1, Apr 27 2021

       <placeholder for witty ‘cloud computing’ joke>
hippo, Apr 27 2021

       siri what does croissant look like...+
xandram, Apr 27 2021


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