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Offshore Product Rehashing

A way to circumvent 'expired food' standards
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Offshore Product Rehashing (OPR), an independent processor of foodstuffs is certified free of contamination or pathogens by an examining world heath agency. OPR receives outdated comestibles packed for retail from any country of origin, unpacks and reprocesses the food, and bulk packs the 'refreshed' food for resale to retailers of the country of origin or to another world retailer.

This assumes that many expiration dates are set to dates that allow a degree of package degradation without allowing the food within to degrade.

reensure, Nov 19 2004

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[angel, Nov 19 2004]


       We've just done this with Ugg Boots!! This now ultra-daggy 1970s Aussie fashion icon has been rehashed into Noo York!   

       Stoopid Americanos are paying huge dollars for bits of dead sheep stitched together in Macau sweatshops.   

       Ugg Boots <Use by: Death of Disco>
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 19 2004

       "Thank you for calling 'Another World Retailer.' How may I enlighten your universe today?"
"I need to send my world in for repairs. The environmental and health protection subroutines are starting to fail."
"I'm sorry, but your world is obsolete and out of warranty. Would you like another?"
RayfordSteele, Nov 20 2004

       Isn't this what pigswill is? (sorry...that sounds like an insult, and it's meant to be a serious comment) I can't think of a single example of a foodstuff where the packaging "goes out of date" before the food. Either it's fresh and good to eat, or it's out of date and tastes funny.
suctionpad, Nov 20 2004


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