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Oldie Song Syle

Go Space Ranger
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"Go Space Ranger"

He's got a modified Saturn nine Rocket ship. With a one point twenty five gigawatt fusion reactor, and she runs real fine. Space Ranger blasting though outer space.

He comes from the milky way to a planet near you. But he just wants to party all day and maybe get some fuel. Go Space Ranger, Go Space Ranger.

With a convex electrostatic reactor core the fuel tank is toped off with enough hydrogen go really far, from the Earth to Alpha Centauri, Space Ranger's looking for a good time. He dances on the moon an walks on Mars. Space Ranger like flying though stars.

Go Space Ranger, Go Space Ranger.

Well he best pilot in the Galaxy, he just drove past a black hole and towed ship out that was in distress. They flew to Tau Ceti and had a beach party. Grillen with his booster rockets they ate a mammoth steak and caught a few waves. Go Space Ranger, Go Space Ranger Go.

That was the tale of the Space Ranger he likes to fly real fast and party everyday. Folks say he is somewhere out there in the Milky way Galaxy lending a hand to people need. And still looking for a party to crash. Space Ranger, Space Ranger Go.

travbm, Nov 13 2015

Remember the beach boys music? https://www.youtube...watch?v=ystUXJDO6oc
Just an show with an oldies like song [travbm, Nov 13 2015]

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       [Marked-For-Deletion} No Idea.
MechE, Nov 13 2015

       I don't think he knows he's typing that stuff out loud. And his H key has mysteriously fixed itself.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 13 2015

       to the tune of . . .
FlyingToaster, Nov 13 2015

       To the tune of surfing USA or some penguins song. And I fixed my H key I just had to jiggle it around until it snapped back in.
travbm, Nov 13 2015

       Has he heard of scansion? We think not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Nov 13 2015

       //penguins song// don't sully me here
evilpenguin, Nov 13 2015


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