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It can go anywhere
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The vacuum airship is the ultimate idea for transportation. Modify here, a little there, poof.

You have an Omni-Ship.

Empty it's ballast's of air to cruise with the clouds. Lets take it one step further. Fill vacuum ballast with air and land on the ocean, and cruise around at sea for a while. One step further. Fill vacuum ballast with seawater cruise around under the ocean. while cruising, filter the water and purify it serve it. Resurface and sail to the beach. Drive out of the ocean and on the land. using spherical wheels. Tired of driving? Cycle the air to the guests, create a vacuum and float up to space, engage ion thrusters and go to Mars!

This is the road to the future. Science will pave that road. It will be challenging. But all we need at the end of the day, are great minds and good attitudes.

The universe is watching our every move.


Aeolus, May 13 2010


       I thought the consensus was that a vacuum airship is impossible?
DIYMatt, May 13 2010

       Yes and no. The idea is as old as Jules Verne, so unless you can come up with more than he did, this is as baked as it's going to get.
MisterQED, May 13 2010

       //It can go anywhere// - well, yes, provided it's made *entirely* of vacuum.
lurch, May 13 2010

       If it's made *entirely* of vacuum, it can only go to interstellar space, shirley? If it ever entered atmosphere -- or heliosphere -- it'd cease to exist.
mouseposture, May 13 2010

       //it'd cease to exist// - yes, yes, ergo...
lurch, May 14 2010

       Who needs ion thrusters? If you're going to have a vacuum balloon anyway, you might as well go all the way with a wizard-powered engine.
DrWorm, May 14 2010

       Can it tunnel underground? Or swim into the firey hell of the sun? Because if not, I'm calling bogus on the "omni" prefix.
swimswim, May 14 2010

       Oh it does.   


       You can get laser surgery for that, I hear.
daseva, May 14 2010

       I propose that Omniship become a new title.   

       "Yes your Omniship, right away your Omniship..."   


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