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On-Hold Control

When "on hold" on a phone, regain some power !
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You're on-hold waiting to get through to some under-staffed business, usually waiting to complain about their poor service (your phone company springs to mind) and you are completely helpless as their background music plays and the recorded voice comes on regularly to announce 'you have progressed in the queue ....bla bla bla". You have NO control over the situation. It is extrmemely bad for your health to be in this position of having no control. The worst thing for your heart is "joyless striving".....getting nowhere with no control. SO........!!!! I think every phone-waiting queue should have a feature that allows you to "press 1" and hear the announcer scream in pain and gurgle 'ok , ok ! please stop! you're hurting me aagghhh !!!....Noooo!!! " this would let you vent your "phone queue" frustrations whenever you like as you wait, and it would relieve stress enormously by giving the illusion of some sort of control over the situation. Of course its just pre-recorded screams and begging you hear, but it FEELS GOOD.
Elitefingerbun, Dec 11 2005

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       I think that it would greatly pass the time if I could have voice interaction with the phone system. Perhaps if I could have some "adult entertainment" then I wouldnt be too reluctant to be put on hold. And maybe there could be a feature to extend the hold time if you want to help someone move forward in the call queue while living out one of your fantasies.
Jscotty, Dec 11 2005

       Just call back over and over ... come on, you don't really believe that propaganda about being answered "by the next available operator" -- you've caught them between sentences of their conversation.   

       "Office. Can you hold?"
"No, I'll call right back." <click>

       Waiting sixty seconds on hold is _far_ more exasperating than spending five seconds on three calls and finally getting through. Also, if you bill incrementally, you can charge them for X # of calls instead of one that took you your whole potty break to complete.
reensure, Dec 11 2005


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