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Phone re-hold annoyer

Device reverses hold relationship
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The Re-hold device is activated when you are placed on hold. When a person says "Hello, may we help you" (or somesuch) the device says "Thank you for allowing me to be held - now please hold." After an interval of music the device will say "All our technicians are presently busy placing other callers on hold - please continue to hold." Then the person will be required, using the touch tone keypad, to key in his Social Security number. After it is keyed in, a seemingly "live" voice will ask the person to slowly *speak* number, as though the person had not just a moment earlier keyed it in. After 2-4 minutes of holding the device will "click" and feed a simulated dial tone into the line. The device will record the vocalizations of the person who believed he had been "hung up" on. The recording can be played back later for amusement at parties.
boogabooga, Jun 23 2002




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