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On-Ride Video

for any ride with a vehicle
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A lot of coasters/rides have on-ride photos, but none have on-ride videos (besides Cyberspace Mountain, and that's just a simulator).

My proposal is that instead of having one roller coaster photo, you get every moment of it on video by having the park mount a camera on each coaster row. Everyone in your row is show from a stationary position through the entire ride. To enchance the audio, microphones are planted on either side of you. This should capture more voice and less wind.

These could easily be hidden from view, so vandalism would be impossible.

Prices would be $20 for a VHS version and $30 for a DVD version. This may sound cheap if you compare the price to an on-ride photo at Universal Studios ($20), but that price is so high because of the fudging frame. Cyberspace Mountain's is about $18, if memory serves me up right, and that's for a crappy VHS.

Expanding on this idea, a fail-safe camera mount could be in each row as well. Pop your camera into it (with the help of a ride attendant to make sure it's safe) and you get to videotape yourself free. To make you feel safe about this, the park would carry insurance; if your camera is damaged, a new one is bought of the same type for free. Even if you weren't filming, you could still use the mount. And just in case multiple people had cameras and wanted a safe place to put them, there would be multiple mounts in store.

Here's another idea for the on-ride video camera - instead of taking a blurry shot of you from the side, these could be used for a timed shot of you that's crystal clear. As a sensor on the coaster train passes a sensor on the track, a photo is taken. Multiple photos could be taken without installing multiple cameras on the track.

Well, that's my ingenious idea. Now annotate on it, eh?

Nemmy, Apr 10 2005

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       "Fudging frame?"
bristolz, Apr 10 2005

       The picture frame is like unbreakable plastic, and it's huge. You could get a keychain for about $6, but they only come in groups of four.
Nemmy, Apr 10 2005

       baked at bush gardens FL can buy DVD of ride
sukiyaki, Jul 21 2007


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