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Hammock Ski-lift

(I don't think I spelt 'hammock' right...)
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I once went to a theme park, where you could get to one end of the park by a ski-lift like thing. The entire 'ride'(if you can call it one) took something in between 7-10minutes, and gave you dizzying veiws of the entire theme park. I reckon that it would be cool for those who like to scare themselves half to death would be a hammock in a cage-like thing (so that if you fall out, you won't have to be cushioned by tree branches/cold, hard concrete 50 meters below), and you lie in it while it takes you up and up toward your destination. You could just lie there and think about the mysteries of life, and if those connecting bolts are looking a bit rusty...
froglet, Aug 29 2005

Sky hammock http://www.jdf.or.j.../10c/bronze/3-2.jpg
[skinflaps, Aug 30 2005]


       do i have to be nude?
benfrost, Aug 30 2005

       //do i have to be nude?//   

       What on earth gave you *that* idea?   

       And by the way, in most theme parks clothing is not optional, so the answer is 'no'.
froglet, Aug 30 2005

       No cages - use ankle straps and safety chains. And yes you must be naked.
wagster, Aug 30 2005


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