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On demand Toilet Brush Nib

you know... for loos
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We are all familiar with the ubiquitous toilet brush. Yes, that bristling monster that sits (doth sit , or hath sat (for those enraptured by third person pluperfect)), putrifying in its own (or more specifically, our own) detritus.
Several recent attempts to resolve this most horrific of situations have given us the "disposable" toilet brush. Neatly packed, and dare I say it, hermetically sealed, nibs, that we position on an elongated applicator.

Trouble is, a six pack of aniti-microbial bliss is just that; a six pack of anti microbial bliss.
Bog roll, to colloquially name the beast, on the other hand, is packaged in packs of twenty four, and seldom runs out. Given its usefullness in cleaning the arse, and adjunct areas.
Given the oragami folding abilities of better-day machines (insipred by [Paper Money Origani folding Machine]) we could have a mechanism that dispenses nibs for a given applicator. The dispensed nib attaches to said appplicator. The nibs cleans. The nibs flushes with the offending article/s. Viola! Applicator doesn't run out of nibs. A forever-clean repository.

Or, in the interests of brevity, "A fucking toilet cleaning nib, created from an existing source (namely the bog roll), not seperately purchased, that cleans the dunny and dissolves away."

4whom, Nov 29 2007

A competing product _22ScrubBot_20can_20handle_20it_22
[normzone, Dec 02 2007]


       would eraser be a better term than nib?   

       not sure that I want to spend hours in such a pernickety way when I could be suspended upside down from a railway bridge applying graffiti from a spray can.
po, Nov 29 2007

       Is that a question?
4whom, Nov 29 2007

       the first sentence - yes!
po, Nov 29 2007

       Second sebtence then.....
The sprayed graffiti is what we want to eradicate/eliminate.
4whom, Nov 29 2007

po, Nov 29 2007

       "*we*?" - send not to know for whom the bell tolls.
4whom, Nov 29 2007


       what time is it there?
po, Nov 29 2007

       It is "time out" over here.
4whom, Nov 29 2007

       which means?   

       Oz, yes?
po, Nov 29 2007

       I am also confused at the word nib in relation to brush and nib's main correlation pen which I can't see used with my arse .   

       I got it , a felt tip cleaning product
wjt, Nov 30 2007

       Pish posh. Of what use is TP that disolves?   

       Graffiti, on the other hand, is forever.
phoenix, Nov 30 2007


       Here I am, suspended upside down from the railway bridge and not a spray can in sight...   

       sp: graffito (singular), graffiti is the plural form.
Canuck, Nov 30 2007

       sp: seperately - separately
xenzag, Nov 30 2007

       *Wii* - I think there's a "Cleaning the Toilet" game for the Nintendo Wii. If there's not, there certainly ought to be.
hippo, Nov 30 2007


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