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On the clock

A royal wearable item, hat, working jacket or chains that signifies Royal backing.
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Harry and Megan have got the separation but now I hear they are doing Royal duties. I am confused.

I suggest a hat or coat, for those with two halves, so the public can instantly know if the item televised is the real Royal deal.

I would not want to call Harry, Harry, at the wrong occasion.

wjt, Mar 06 2020


       They should each wear a simple black tshirt with an allcaps white STAFF on it, just like the other non-royals who have to work at other people's social engagements.
calum, Mar 06 2020

       Probably true but that still confuses, business with Royal ambassadorial stewardship.
wjt, Mar 06 2020

       I dunno. Royal ambassadorial stewardship is a job. The mutuality of obligation is there, as evidenced by H&M losing their recompense (titles, some money) in return for avoiding their duties (being polite to the gutter press).   

       As to how the hat should look, I think it should be some form of stove pipe, into the void of which is affixed a mechanism designed to raise a royal standard though the hinged top, reflecting when Harry The Royal is resident in his body & the hat, retracting when Harry the Squaddie is going about his everyday business, down the offie for a few cans and then up the park to let off fireworks.
calum, Mar 06 2020

       The trick will be media-risation of Harry punching out the overly oppressive press with his stove pipe a flapping.
wjt, Mar 07 2020


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