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One Man Band Idol

like American Idol
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only for one-man (or woman) bands.
mrthingy, Mar 27 2003

Jesse Fuller http://www.allmusic...M&sql=Bom4zefikhgf2
I've got his '58 and '63 discs - outstanding [thumbwax, Oct 05 2004, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       why, thingy, why?
Worldgineer, Mar 27 2003

       why not? +1   

       also, cannot-play-a-note-busker one-hit wonder.
po, Mar 27 2003

       Simon Cowell? sinner or saint?
po, Mar 27 2003

       I'd watch this.
my face your, Mar 27 2003

       yes, but you are rather - umm sad?
po, Mar 27 2003

       One man bands used to be a staple on TV talent shows. Or least the one I watched one time when I was a kid.
DrCurry, Mar 27 2003

       Harsh, po. Harsh but fair.
my face your, Mar 27 2003

       This is just the thing. Sure American Idols can tousle their hair and smile for the cameras, but give them an accordian, a harmonica in a neck holder and put cymbals between their knees and let them entertain!
Cedar Park, Mar 27 2003

       <why, thingy, why? --Worldgineer>   

       For entertainment purposes.
mrthingy, Mar 28 2003

       I thought the 1/2B frowned on cruel and inhumane ideas?   

       'Tis funny, though.
Guy Fox, Mar 28 2003

       Use the link feature for shameless self-promotion.
thumbwax, Aug 09 2003

       <with bending of the knees>bum tit bum tit bum tit tit...</with bending of the knees>
gnomethang, Aug 09 2003

       I'm all for this idea. I'll enter to win. This is my site: www.scotthallonemanband.com Guitar, 3 piece drum set, harmonica, kazoo and vocals.
onemanband, Mar 30 2004

       No sequencers allowed?
bristolz, Mar 30 2004

       This inspires me to propose the production of Drum Idol, where the next Ringo Starra and Keith Moons get to show off their chops to a panel of judges.
spiritualized, Mar 30 2004

       I'm pretty sure anyone in a one-man-band could never be my idol.
nihilo, Jun 30 2006


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