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Online Co-operative Store

Where people buy as a group and share profits
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An online market place where people associate and buy and share profits later. Of course this may not be new but an extension of brick and mortar co-operative stores worldwide.
drizzlein, Jun 25 2006

CNET: Group-buying site Mercata to shut its doors http://news.com.com...29.html?legacy=cnet
Back in 2001. [jutta, Jun 25 2006]

register: MobShop ditches consumer biz (2000) http://www.theregis...tches_consumer_biz/
[jutta, Jun 25 2006]


       OK, so I'm a sucker for the Co-op.   

Germanicus, Jun 25 2006

       This seems pretty Widely Baked to me. A quick Google turns up plenty of cooperative buying sites. (And don't forget - coops pool not profits, but buying power, to lower their wholesale costs.)   

       Germanicus: your croissant is looking very bony from here!
DrCurry, Jun 25 2006

       The reason these fail is that the superstores effectively provide this leverage to the consumer already, without any of the hassle. Just go to Costco
theircompetitor, Jun 25 2006

       yes, many failed because they tried to accumulate the orders and later deliver but when it is done in association with existing online and brick and mortar stores it works out well. Just because technology available people cannot postpone their requirements. But pre planning of our requirements is what generates lots of savings. I am unable to post the link here but there is an organization in India connecting thousands of farmers,suppliers and consumers and still running at good profits.
drizzlein, Mar 14 2007

       Recreational Equipment Incorporated sells on-line and is so successful that a business-page article I read didn't mention they're a co-op.
Ford, Apr 01 2008

       Many of my friends actually work for one of these. It is quite humongously baked to a cinder.
nineteenthly, Apr 03 2008

       I hate to ruin the party here but I think that if I was wrapped up into something like this, I would have already mentally spent the money before the year ended. Then I would be pretty upset with everyone who didn't buy their fair share.
Jscotty, Apr 04 2008


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