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Open-by-Wire Door Knobs

For the person who has everything!
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I propose a line of Open-by-Wire door knobs to simulate the look and feel of traditional door hardware. These high tech knobs bring 21st century technology to bear on one of the most common day to day activities.

The Door knob is connected through a rotary actuator which simulates the feel of a tumbler system in a traditional door latch assembly, while small transducer simulates the vibration and sounds appropriate to the latch design. The latch is controlled by a linear actuator that is controlled through the internal "D-Bus" command network which connects all the various door modules to each other.

Available wireless or wired connectivity allows for alarm system integration, monitoring and logging of door use as well as customization of the doors settings to suit individual users(IE small children may need a smaller required torque to actuate the knob compared to a grown adult) Doors can also be locked out for selected users.

A linear generator incorporated into the hinge provides power for the system.

These knobs are of particular interest to traditional home restorers and museums allowing for modern functionality without harming the historical accuracy of the door.

jhomrighaus, Aug 08 2007

The Knob The_20Knob
[hippo, Aug 09 2007]


       Can I get a hammer with the same tech?
normzone, Aug 08 2007

       I think its a cool idea - you could lock all your doors at once by changing to a mode where the knob no longer operates the actuator. Or open all your doors in an emergency. The thing that would worry me is the power-off condition. Power is off, there's a fire, doorknobs don't work == trouble. Or, power is off, doors automatically unlock for safety == burglary. Mechanical override == you might as well have a regular knob. Batteries wear out. Maybe the answer is a conventional knob that is also electronically actuated? Doesn't seem as interesting though.
Ansible, Aug 08 2007

       You could program the rotary actuator to act as a generator allowing you to spin the door knob to generate sufficient energy stored in a capacitor to allow the door to open in the event battery power is lost(which would also re-power the security circuit as well to maintain perimeter security). This would of course not be a problem during any normal power outage as batteries or capacitors would work for an extended period.
jhomrighaus, Aug 08 2007

       //Doesn't seem as interesting though.//   

       Things that actually work as intended seldom are.
nuclear hobo, Aug 08 2007

       I bunned it before I even read the idea. I got it from the title. Great idea. Had it myself. I built it into my workshop door. The "door knob" is just a switch connected to a real door knob, like yours, but just a switch. The bolt is an electrically retractable dead bolt that I hacked. The deadbolt was originally opened with a keypad. I simplified it. The system also has serveral knob overrides. 2 switches in the shop and a key fob relay input. I can lock and unlock my shop door with my keychain....lock...unlock
evilpenguin, Aug 09 2007

       Doors should be made compatible with "The Knob" (see link), so when you're finished at your mixing desk and want to pop to the kitchen for a nice cup of tea, or a couple of cups of coffee, you can just use your "The Knob" to open the door.
hippo, Aug 09 2007

       I wish I could bun this twice. It's impractical, expensive, difficult, requires electricity, and solves a problem that doesn' texist.   

       Now that I think about it, I wish I could bun this five times.
shapu, Aug 09 2007

       i'll help you. +
k_sra, Aug 09 2007

       i was just thinking you could add small bushings to the hinges that are wired to expand slightly so you can tune in the level of creakiness when the door opens or closes. Would be great around Halloween or late at night during sleepovers.
jhomrighaus, Aug 09 2007


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