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OpenStandard Miniture photoframe display (Via miniusb)

So that manufacture of mini photoframes actually do something other than displaying pictures
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I'm noticing that miniature usb photoframes (also tends to be made in china) are getting cheaper... however i don't yet have the skill to hack the device, so i can't use it as a mini display for my window computer.

What if there is an open source initiative for an open standard of displaying streaming media data to a cheap photoframe, so that you can use it to display RSS feeds or emails from your computer. Double cookie if it also provide an option for photoframes that opts to allow for running tiny widget on it(like a custom clock), when disconnected from the computer.

I won't even mind if it means i have to keep the photoframe connected to the computer, as it means it can remain on all the time.

Since its an Open standard, hopefully big companies like google would embed it on their google desktop app. It would hence make perfect business sense to include what is essentially, a few extra btye of codes into their photoframe's software. This would also mean they can brag to the user that you can display unlimited amount of photos, as long as its connected to your computer. :3

Thus the consumer wins and opensource wins. (and the photoframe manufacture, that takes this standard.)


In order to promote this idea... This is one of the email i sent a company i think may help with this. If you know of any other companies that can help. Please send them this as well.


Hi Spokeperson

When I decided to open a photoframe in order to see if i can extend its functionality, i came across your chip.

I found your chip to be extremely interesting in its untapped potential, to really revolutionize the computer scene. This is by creating an open standard for the streaming of video data straight to a miniature photoframe, and for the receiving of button presses from the photoframe. One applications for this feature can be to allow for unlimited cycling of pictures from the computer to the photoframe, and if the user wants to pause or look at the photo in the main screen... all they need to do is press a free button on the photoframe.

However one of the most exciting potential of this chip i can envision is the ability to display widgets, such as computer memory status, rss feeds, twitter or even a new email status from your loved ones. The two way communication ability of your chip, means the widget has an interactive element. (e.g. you can cycle back and forth between different mini widgets, by pressing the button that is usally used to change pictures). Since the picture frame would be teathered to the computer(or even laptops) by USB, it will remain powered even if there is no batteries present within it.

To show you that this is already being done by the hacking community please check this website out: {a url from spritemod}

Which means the momentum for change is already exist within the 'hardware hacking' community, it is now up to your company to recognize this oppotunity and pounce on it before other companies checkmates you on it. I'm sure if you contact hackers, especially those from spritemods, they would be more than happy to show you how they did it, and how it can be converted into an appealing openstandard.(As long as you scratch their back as well :3 )

The best thing... is that you can acheive all this quickly, because the photoframe is essentallly acting as a dumb terminal via usb(using the computer to compute the widget), hence you don't need to change any hardware of all of your photoframes. The only things that would change is the software side of your product, and it is likely to only increase by a few kb only [if smartly coded]. All you need is some bored programmers, and a good grasp of why opensource will help expand your company to an even greater height. (By expanding your market to computer enthusiast, as well as people who likes to carry around photoframes)

The most important thing in order for this to succeed is to create an openstandard that is so easy, and yet opensourced enough that even google would consider implementing it for their google desktop program.

This doesn't mean that the firmware your photoframe uses have to be disclosed, but however it will need to fit any open standards you develop. The hardware tweaking community however would definately be very appreciative if you do disclose the firmware sourcecode, and a method of updating it as well.


mofosyne, Aug 03 2009

one hacked photoframes http://www.youtube...._Jk&feature=related
[mofosyne, Aug 03 2009]

sprite's hack on a picframe http://spritesmods.com/?art=picframe
[mofosyne, Aug 03 2009]

hacked to display linux status http://www.neophob....oto-Frame-Hack.html
[mofosyne, Aug 03 2009]

USB Monitor http://www.thinkgee...g/usb-gadgets/bfa3/
Small 2nd display, runs off USB power. [DIYMatt, Aug 06 2009]

This idea, non-graphical http://www.thinkgee...g/usb-gadgets/7e3e/
[DIYMatt, Aug 06 2009]


       I think your idea is baked. See link #4.   

       And the link underneath that is for a non-graphical display that does have the needed software to show emails, updates, that sort of thing.
DIYMatt, Aug 06 2009

       not bad, however not everybody have $130 lying around, and alot of these cheap photoframes are being produced. It would be too bad, if people throw these photo frames out, especially if it only have bad batteries.   

       So there is a bit of an environmental dimension to this.   

       In addition, not everyone wants to carry a big mini monitor around with them. All they need is a very tiny display showing, perhaps the song being played at the moment. (these photoframes are about 3X3cm in size.) and the ability to press the photoframe's button on 'terminal mode' to perhaps change radio staion, view the news, weather on the main site.   

       And if you are into hacking, perhaps you can even embed it on your laptop! (Or if you are not as good, the outside of the laptop carry bag) So now you can leave the cover closed while you play internet radio, or pickup a skype call!
mofosyne, Aug 06 2009

       Lastly, these miniature photoframes tends to cost only $20, can your linked product be both a keyring sized photoframe and a widget platform?
mofosyne, Aug 06 2009


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