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Open Source for Redundant Posts

For all those overly redundant ideas
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I think the bakery should open source those redundant posts that everybody thinks of so that all the bakers can edit and change them around together. It's not enough to just mark them for deletion and then delete them, but rather the ideas ought to be transferred to a single open sourced post in the process so that the group as a whole can edit them. Each time a redundancy occurs, that post will be put into the database of posts that came before it...the main idea being that, even though they all look pretty much the same, just like snowflakes each one of them is still a uniquely structured entity. When life gives you an abundance of snow, I say make snow structures out of it :]
quantum_flux, Aug 12 2011


       I would hate for our least original ideas to become the most edited / viewed / searched.
RayfordSteele, Aug 12 2011

       Perhaps the voting system could be changed or removed for the open sourced ideas.
quantum_flux, Aug 12 2011

       Seems like a bad advert. Why the duplicate ones? They're interesting because they may be an example of "steam engine time" a la Charles Fort, but what about the others?
nineteenthly, Aug 12 2011

       I'm not so worried about the voting system, it's just that I don't want the bakery to become famous for inventing treadmill-generated electricity and other such rather common denominators.
RayfordSteele, Aug 12 2011

       A lot of redundant posts have subtle differences or different objectives. This could be seen as a way of refining many very similar ideas into a better whole. [+]
Alterother, Aug 12 2011

       The least original ideas indicate a widespread need for baking. I wouldn't mind the redundancies being collectively editable as a team effort.
XSarenkaX, Aug 12 2011

       [Marked-For-Open-Source] :)
reensure, Aug 13 2011

       It would be interesting to have a fairly definitive list of recurrent ideas, but that would be a list and probably belongs somewhere else.
nineteenthly, Aug 13 2011

       Hmmm, yes, it's also possible to print and save a hard copy of the list on your refrigerator as well.
quantum_flux, Aug 16 2011

       I'm afraid I'm against this. What if, for instance, one morning, while drinking my first cup of coffee, I think, golly, wouldn't an immediate cup of tea vastly improve this experience? Indeed it would. A cup of coffee and a cup of tea, a huge improvement.   

       Then I go messing about with Two Cups of Coffee, thinking, this is a better much idea. But, of course, everyone gets infuriated with my arrogant actions and throws their coffees at their screens in a vain attempt to scald my words into oblivion, when in actual fact all they succeed in doing is short-circuiting their computers, as the hot vengeful coffee drips down into their motherboard and reaps terrible self-inflicted damage upon their windows to humanity. And yes, [jutta] would be among those frantically dabbing at their computer with an old Pret napkin, but alas, it's too late, and PUFF! The bakery crashes, clawing with it in its uncontrollable decline the entire internet.   

       Dark days descend; credit card companies' records are wiped, everyone is brought back to zero, looting breaks out across the world, vigilante groups clash with rioters in the streets, an American General presses a big red button, China retaliates, light turns to dark, we scavenge like roaches for an eternity, cursing an unknown demon, of pseudonym long forgotten; a spotted, coffee-drinking, snarling evil cat that stalks the wastelands changing things behind peoples backs.   

       I can't let that happen. I just can't. [-]
theleopard, Aug 16 2011

       The idea is to 'crowdsource' persistent ideas ad nauseum ?
FlyingToaster, Aug 16 2011


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