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 (+4)  Archive Deleted Ideas 
 (+2, -1)  Archive Halfbakery 
   Baked & dumped ideas 
   halfbaked epigrams 
 (+2)  Halfbakery archaeological conservation society 
 (+6)  Halfbakery Graveyard 
 (+18, -1)(+18, -1)  Halfbakery Hall of Fame 
 (+6, -3)  HalfBakery Rewind 
 (+2)  Halfbakery Time Capsule 
 (+1)  halfcapturey 
 (+3)  Hydrogen Tunnel 
   List of (Self-)Deleted Ideas 
 (+8, -1)  Lost HB Annos 
 (+7)  More efficient pot/pan bottom for gas stoves 
 (-2)  My Archive 
 (+6, -2)  Open Source for Redundant Posts 
   Save Good Notes 
 (+2)  Single-use bedding for hospitals 
 (+4)  Spaceframe Mountain 
 (+1)  Spontaneous fission time dilation 
 (+1)  The Halfbaker's Complimentary Guide to Complementary Musical Pieces 


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