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Opt-in spam

For your enemies
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A site where, after entering an email address, sends it to the worst spammers known to the internet. Minutes later, you can expect hundreds of adverts in your enemie's inbox.
Aq_Bi, Jan 29 2005

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       Baked - try posting to Usenet sometime.
prufrax, Jan 29 2005

       I'm positive we've done this before, but I think it was deleted.
Detly, Jan 29 2005

       -known to the internet-   

       The Internet knows me?
zeno, Jan 29 2005

       Oh yes, Mr. Zeno. Very well indeed. Very, very well...
Detly, Jan 29 2005

       <looks left and right and puts on dark sunglasses>
zeno, Jan 30 2005


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