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An empty stomach is a must.
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A perforated, double walled, clear plastic sphere rests in its circular cradle above a large turbine.
The person inside of the orb does not seem at all concerned but their nonchalant look is soon replaced by one of stark terror as the turbine engages and the sphere is propelled thirty feet straight up, erratically hovering in the air stream courtesy Mr. Bernoulli.
A clear tube just slightly larger in diameter than the orb extends from a nearby structure and captures it with a mighty slurping sound.
The occupant of the orb then receives the ride of their life zipping through clear, looping vacuum tunnels, then shooting through open air to be captured in other air currents which manipulate the sphere to the next tubes in the series.

Zorb http://www.zorb.com/
ing (orb, minus the turbines) [neilp, Jan 10 2005]

Vernons classic magnetic rail zorbing. Throw_20me_20for_20...oop_20(or_20twenty)
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jan 11 2005]

The Orb http://www.global-t...ndex.html?/Orb.html
[zen_tom, Jan 11 2005]

Simulator http://www.gametime...talog/gravitron.htm
[Shz, Jan 11 2005]


       is this a bit like Zorbing ?
neilp, Jan 10 2005

       Yep, but Bernoulli vacuum tube zorbing.   

       wow (+).
neilp, Jan 10 2005

       These should definitely be cushioned with soft, waterproof plastic. Easier to spray out the barf.
shapu, Jan 10 2005

       You had a tangle with a vacuum cleaner hose recently? I'm not abs-orbing this.
mensmaximus, Jan 10 2005

       Put two chairs in the orb and launch them back and forth from the sides of the amusement park.   

       Note: Try it with rats first.
Bull Winkus, Jan 10 2005

       Terrifying. How about calling it the "Thrill-O-Barfer"? [+]!
Trout, Jan 10 2005

       Aspects of this are similar to my "Throw me for a loop (or Twenty)" idea (see link at upper right). I specifically did not go for a pneumatic-powered ride because it cannot easily accommodate mutiple passenger-carrying modules (explained at link). You will find yourself waiting for the previous person to finish the WHOLE ride, before you can take your turn.
Vernon, Jan 10 2005

       They do kind of go hand in hand don't they? We should probably construct both in the same building to handle the line ups.
You forgot to link your idea, I hope you don't mind me taking the liberty of doing it.

       [2 fries], I did not create a link because as I wrote in my annotation, there already WAS a link on this page, at the upper right. Another, even though in the usual place, I thought would just be redundant.
Vernon, Jan 11 2005

       A good concept...although the ball would have to be rigid to have perferations, otherwise it would collapse. This would be painful no?   

       During the ride you would be totally spinning out... thus not having any grasp of your surroundings (you may as well be in a tumble drier).   

       One possibility to fix all of this would be to make the outer shell out of a harder plastic, and the inner shell out of a softer one. There would be an inche space between the entire circumfrence of the two shells which you should fill with water. So inflight, the inner ball would float and stay relatively more horizontal so the occupant could enjoy the ride more, and gracefully float through the air and generally just enjoy the ride.   

       However, breathing would be an issue, so the inner spere should be fitted with some sort of breathing contraption. pushing air through a series of valves fitted on both speres, and a small oxygen tank replacing the used air.   

       Just some thoughts - nevertheless [+]
shinobi, Jan 11 2005

calum, Jan 11 2005

       A variation: You could have a number of vertical jets of air. The Orb-o-coaster could be passed from one jet to the next by having the jets tilt slightly. If this was in the Brian Eno Theme Park, this ride would be called "Here come the warm jets". This would be next to the scary, nerves-of-steel, "My life in the bush of ghosts" ride.
hippo, Jan 11 2005

       <stupid sticker on wall> you dont have to be a hamster to work here, but it helps <stupid sticker on wall>
etherman, Jan 11 2005

       I'd try it. I haven't ever experienced motion sickness, maybe this would do it.
half, Jan 11 2005

       Would we hear piped versions of 'Little Fluffy Clouds'?
zen_tom, Jan 11 2005

       [shinobi] - //During the ride you would be totally spinning out// - I think if you see this as a problem then this may not be the ride for you. Fling me, throw me, spin me please.
wagster, Jan 11 2005

       With one of those space flight simulator contraptions inside the sphere please. <link>
Shz, Jan 11 2005

       <dry heaves> Loved it, it was fun! Good thing I haven't eaten since last week. <dry heaves>
Machiavelli, Jan 11 2005

       Shz I thought it would be a good idea to make folks try that simulator before going on the ride to see if they could take it. On a side note the first time I was on one of those they kept yelling at me to slow down because it was begining to tilt the base. You can get them suckers just a'humm'n.   

       Great half-baking 2fsoahm!
What if the vaccuum deposited you into a large building, maybe 1000 feet by 1000 feet by 100 feet tall. The floor is a giant trampoline, the walls are padded. Then, one after another, more orb-riders are deposited with you, dozens, hundreds, bouncing off walls, bouncing off each other... A giant mosh pit of delerium.
And at random places along the walls, are vaccuum exit chutes. You get too close, you're sucked out.
millionthMonkeyTyping, Jan 13 2005


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