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Queue Ride

Sometimes Theme Parks are just too exciting
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The Queue Ride is a circular queue with multiple feeder queues laid out in a pattern similar to that of a galaxy and arms.

To enter the Queue Ride, you join one fo the feeder queues.

To exit the Queue Ride, you simply leave the queue.

The Queue Ride - Because we're already hurtling through space; isn't that fast enough?

Knut, Nov 27 2003

South Park, Season 2: Cow Days (Sep 30, 1998) http://www.southpar...cripts/scr213.shtml
Search for "Line Ride".
At a rip-off carnival fair, the boys stand in a "line ride" for an hour. Cartman agrees that the ride is a rip-off, but still wants to buy his own action shot. [jutta, Jan 11 2005]


       There could be fake bank tellers and post office clerks off to the side, just to make it that little bit more thrilling.
Detly, Nov 27 2003


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