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Orbit Dome

Have the privilege to the view from you bad seats from all the way around the arena.
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The next time you go hear your favorite group live in concert, check out the monster trucks, or even the circus, what if you could do it from more than one vantage point?

When you purchase tickets for an event, you get one seat and if you really pay through the nose, you might get a good seat. With Orbit Dome, you get the chance to revolve slowly around the action. The center of the arena stays stationary while the seats creep ever so slowly around the action.

So, whether you have a good seat or a bad seat, with Orbit Dome, you have the chance to either see the action from all bad points, all good points, or a mix. Free dramamine (sp?) for all.

waxingpoetic, Dec 23 2002


       "Tonight at the Dizzy Dome: The Swirling Eddies perform hits from their album "Let's Spin!"
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 23 2002

       Or have the playing field rotate? Be great for a high-tech lure for a pro ball team. (And baseball might be less ambitious than soccer.) I read a little bit of this and thought: Yes! Someone has suggested mooring giant blimps (like civvy versions of the ones the government just ordered from Lockheed) for extra Super Bowl seating...
cloudface, Oct 07 2003


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