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Out-of-season Merchandise

Merchandising stuff that is out-of-season
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It's the middle of February and your hands are freezing. You go to six department stores and they all tell you that gloves are "out-of-season," meaning that they are gearing up to sell bathing suits and BBQs three months in advance of anyone needing them. Any merchandise which is declared by the merchandising gods to be "seasonable," is merchandise that will be available only several months before it is needed and at no other time (such as when it is actually needed). I'm proposing that someone start a store or web site that sells only merchandise that is out of season. Need a BBQ in January, go to outofseason.com.
coaster, Feb 15 2001

(?) Same idea at idea-a-day.com, 2 Mar 2001. http://www.idea-a-d...playDate=02/03/2001
Maybe there's something about cold February days that just brings out a longing for unseasonal mittens... [jutta, Feb 15 2001]

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       waugsqueke: so right you are--good to know that some enterprising web chaps are already out there filling the gap. Actually, I should have known as most of my web shopping is for things that local stores don't carry. However, I suspect that most consumers don't know that and may simply assume that they'll have to wait until next fall before they can buy a pair of gloves. In the meantime, they can go shopping for bathing suits.
coaster, Feb 16 2001

       If the Americans shop at Austrailian websites and vice-versa, we could have this today!
mwburden, Feb 16 2001

       Actually if you consider the truth of the matter, it simply proves the fact that the average retail store has absolutely no concern for the customers. The only thing that matters is their bottom line. If that inconveniences you... hey tough titties buddy. A truly service oriented retail store would carry mittens till it stopped being cold.
valkyroo, Aug 18 2001

       If enough people wanted to buy gloves in February, they would carry them in February. Since it's the rare fool who waits until February to buy gloves (or snow tires or a coat or whatever), they can't cater to them without reducing customer service for the large majority. In February, the store uses that space to sell what most people want to buy in February (whatever that might be; I'm no store owner or even much of a store shopper) and make enough money to stay in business. That sounds like pretty good customer service to me.   

       I agree that online shopping between the northern and southern hemispheres is the way to go.
horripilation, Nov 26 2002

       //If enough people wanted to buy gloves in February, they would carry them in February.//   

       Well, that explains why Santas appeared in WalMarts August 31:)
irv, Sep 18 2003


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