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Ozone Layer Fixer

kill two birds with one stone
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everyone knows that Oxygen occurs mainly in the atmosphere as O2 and Ozone is O3. so how about getting all the Carbon Dioxide and Monoxide (CO2 and CO) from burning fossil fuels, seperating the C and the O and making lots of O2 for the atmosphere and O3 for the hole in the ozone layer whilst also providing a massive amount of carbon for a pencil factory.
dekoi, May 06 2001

ground level ozone - the main component of smog http://www.ec.gc.ca.../ozone-maps_e.shtml
there's lots more info on the web describing who's at risk and where [mihali, May 06 2001]


       The basic idea is pretty much a FAQ for environmentalists. "If we need less ozone down here and more ozone up there, well, let's just move the ozone from down here to up there!"   

       Your particular spin on it is even less sensible. When you go from C + O2 => CO2, energy is released; that's how hydrocarbon fuel works. Putting it back requires you to *supply* the same amount of energy. That's a lose.
egnor, May 06 2001

       there used to be a political party here in canada (sadly disbanded now) called the rhinocerous party. one of the main issues of their mandate was to have the party leader's mother to sew up the hole in the ozone layer.
mihali, May 07 2001

       Peter: Now that is a spectacularly half-baked proposal. Bonus points for mentioning balloons, that after all could easily be turned into airships.
Aristotle, May 07 2001

       I remember having seen a treatment of that in Popular Science <I believe...was a looooong time ago>. Unmanned but computer controlled blimps, with dangling corona wires and covered in solar panels to power the wires and the engines to stay in place.
StarChaser, May 07 2001

       use the carbon for a pencil factory?   

       dont see more sense in making... say, diamonds?
panthaz paradise, Aug 06 2001


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