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P2P Spying

Install GPS in all digital cameras, tagging photo with exact coordinates for upload to Google Earth.
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With Google StreetView, this is a moot point in the US. But for all the other not so friendly countries this would be great for spying.

Digital cameras preinstalled with a GPS chip could automatically tag each photo with the exact coordinates of the photo. Otherwise known as geotagging. On a macro level, with millions of people uploading geotagged photos to Google Earth, the photos could be combined to recreate actual street-level imageryanywhere around the world. Microsoft has such a technology called Photosynth that will piece contiguous photos together. With millions of people uploading various pieces of the global puzzle, nobody gets in trouble - sort of like the decentralized nature of a P2P music sharing network.

Like i mentioned above, this is almost a moot point in the U.S. as Google StreetView is just about as dangerous as it gets. I think it is terrible for security. A terrorist can plan out an attack in gruesome detail without even visiting the site. There's a HUGE difference between street-level imagery and aerial shots. StreetView should be banned IMHO.

legohead, Feb 23 2009


       Won't work in shopping malls, railway stations, airports... [-].   

       Besides, the bad guys will simply hide in the nondescript, smelly, unphotogenic corners and doorways that no-one ever photographs.   

       I'm not sure if this is an [m-f-d] "Let's all"
coprocephalous, Feb 23 2009

       //Google StreetView is just about as dangerous as it gets// You want to ban something because The Terrorists might find it handy?   

       I can plan a gruesome Terrorist attack using pen and paper, do we ban those things too? I heard you can use something called a camera - shhh! The terrorists are out there, reading this. Quick, ban the internet!   

       IM(not-so-H)O, the idea is fine, with the exception of the last paragraph, in which you are talking abject bollocks.
zen_tom, Feb 23 2009

       WIGTTISITM - Batman? ok it's photos instead of radar but still pretty similar.   

       Edit: ok actually it's not, but it is simply taking something that millions of people already have and giving it to everyone, then removing their privacy.   

       Anyway, this is already becoming pretty standard on phones (Nokias particularly, see Nokia Vine).   

       //Won't work in shopping malls// you can do rough geotagging using triangulation. My phone does not have GPS but it still tells me which area I'm in to within a couple of hundred metres.
marklar, Feb 23 2009

       I don't see it myself. A burglar or terrorist only has to walk around his target area with a mobile phone, pretending to talk, discreetly taking pictures, and he will have as much information as he would get from google streetview.
Bad Jim, Feb 23 2009


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