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PDF Bathroom Magazine

PDF Magazine to be read in your office´s bathroom
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The idea is to create a printable (PDF) color e-zine targeted to office bathroom readers.

I hate to struggle with the newspaper in this reduced space, I find walking into the bathroom with a traditional A4 magazine quite uncomfortable. I feel all contents in usual publications have just the wrong length to be read in my 5 minutes sanitary rest.

My solution would be to create this fast reading, absolutely camuflageable useful mag. I imagine stories like "10 tips to sleep in your bathroom", maybe 6 word crossword puzzles, fun-tests to be taken under pressure, Stars in the WC and some kind of reader´s "Letters to the editor".

It would also have this handy pages like: "In case of emergency use this page" with instructions on how to replace toillet paper or some kind of "Panic page" resembling an Excell sheet.

budin, Jan 16 2002


       Is that 'exiting reading' in the same way that the A33 exits reading on the way to basingstoke?
angel, Jan 16 2002

       Rods - that meets all of budin's requirements, except for the "in case of emergency" bit.
quarterbaker, Jan 16 2002

       Rods - got it
quarterbaker, Jan 16 2002

       Nice link Rods - now if only I could get my Fiancees kid to read it
thumbwax, Jan 16 2002

       A delicate topic, I know, but am I alone in thinking that the people referred to in the paper [Rods] linked use an awful lot of loo roll? Would you normally expect 4 men to use 4 rolls a week?
hippo, Jan 17 2002

       Isn't this sort of baked? There are plenty toilets in London bars that have TVs above the urinal.
mcscotland, Jan 17 2002

       But budin's in an office, not a bar. It seems unlikely that offices would encourage loo-loitering by installing television sets...
snarfyguy, Jan 17 2002

       Gotta say, putting the PDF format in the bathroom is amazingly appropriate...
StarChaser, Jan 17 2002


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