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PIN Number

People say "PIN Number", and they'll never stop, so we might as well make it correct!
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Now, we all know that "PIN Number" is wrong, since it's equivalent to saying Personal Identification Number Number. But, it's still commonly used, in the same way as "Telephone Number". The result is many language enthusiasts angry about the incorrect usage, and many people confused about why this is a problem (until they think about it).

So, to appease everyone, bank cards should have the option of having a PIN Number. This number would map to the real PIN. For example, if my PIN is 1234, I could create a PIN Number of 5678; this number is linked to the real PIN. But it's the PIN Number. Get it?

This will allow people to freely say "PIN Number" and not be hassled for their incorrect usage, since this idea would make it correct.

darren-b, Jul 05 2008

PID http://www.cdc.gov/...TDFact-PID.htm#What
Smelly stuff [Klaatu, Jul 06 2008]


       This is already baked. Your PIN is ultimately stored in the ATM/computer as binary. You may think your PIN is 1234, but thats just a number representing your real PIN of 00000001 00000010 00000011 00000100.   

       So it turns out that those "language enthusiasts" can safely move on to worrying about more pressing issues...
ServoMan314, Jul 05 2008

       if it was called PI Number then there wouldn't be much difficulty in guessing most people's number.
FlyingToaster, Jul 05 2008

       Yes, but keying in the infinite number of decimal places would cause queues at the ATM.
hippo, Jul 05 2008

       Just define "PIN NUMBER" as "Personal identification number normally used most before expensive remittances" and now it's correct.
phundug, Jul 05 2008

       Now that's a solution.
daseva, Jul 05 2008

       In hind-sight, PID number might have been OK, too, although it doesn't have the same ring about it.
Ling, Jul 06 2008

       [ling] I'll pass on the PID, thank-you. Too many years of GYN patients <link>
Klaatu, Jul 06 2008

       I think it should be PIS number- Personal Identification Secret Number.
xandram, Jul 07 2008

       Yeah, but a PIS number sounds like its the answer to a Doctor's question if you have cystitis.
theleopard, Jul 07 2008

       //I could create a PIN Number//
Until you get the sub-number for your PIN Number, what do you do about the many angry language enthusiasts?

       But it's appropriate to use the term "PIN Number" at an ATM Machine.
Amos Kito, Jul 07 2008


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