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PV breezepole Air conditioner

This augments window AC, have a portable plastic pipe near the ac that pulls air around the AC cooling fins, the pipe leans casually, it has an ordinary rotor vent or a PV rotor vent to move air, it might reach the roof.
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Making portable electrical air conditioning ten or twenty pct more efficient would be beneficial.

Visualize a telescoping pole that casually leans next to the cooling fins of the ac unit yet rose several feet up to create greater air movement at the fins giving greater efficiency. The upper part of the pole, which could be as quick flimsy n cheap as a 10' tall plastic thing would have a rotating vent to draw air throughthe channel. This could be PV powered just like those PV powered car air coolers (link).

I think the entire thing could be less than $2 to make yet improve air conditioner efficiency greatly.

One ponderable thing is which way to send the air. On a warm west coast day three feet from the ground is (possibly) about 10 degrees warmer than 7 feet from the ground, so its possible 14 feet up would have much cooler air, thus running the PV rotor to bring cool air to the air conditioner fins would be the greatest efficiency gain.

I think this would really be beneficial at the developing world as well. coolness is nice, it keeps people happier. This thing is very cheap to make like PV LED path lights.

Theres a crummy image at (link) which is niftier as the site is called is it art or not.

beanangel, Mar 28 2012

PV cooling fan goes with cars http://search.yahoo...=UTF-8&fr=yfp-t-521
[beanangel, Mar 28 2012]

stylish potentially amusing or moving isitartornot site hosts image of breezepole http://artornot.info/images/2300
[beanangel, Mar 28 2012]




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