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Paid Functions

Functions that bring money, even after you are fired...
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This is already baked. For instance, some APIs has functions that aren't free to execute. However, if a programmer is coding a function for someone, which gives profit, such as in case of transactions or sales, he or she could make it official in the terms of employment.

This could be interesting for people working in small companies, the shares of which aren't straightforward to buy.

Inyuki, Jul 02 2012


       Exceedingly granular royalties.
calum, Jul 02 2012

       Princess Sugar
hippo, Jul 02 2012

       “I paid for my first mansion with a method that forked a call to itself.”
ytk, Jul 02 2012

       This might be a bit like a formal and legalised version of that fractional penny thing from Superman III.
zen_tom, Jul 03 2012


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