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Paid With Good Intentions

Make sure that your purchases conform to your values
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There you are, divested of every cigarette company holding, innocently buying Kraft cheese at the supermarket.

Get a credit card that doesn't only contribute to your favorite charity or cause -- but actively monitors and advises you if your purchases violate your code.

theircompetitor, Mar 21 2005


       But the credit card company doesn't know you bought Kraft. Only that you bought stuff at XYZ store.
sophocles, Mar 21 2005

       And it doesn't know until you've bought it. Unless we give it the ability to read barcodes. I was going to suggest RFID tags, but then realised the havoc this would cause every time you walked into a supermarket; a little squeaky voice that cries, "Oh no! Don't go in there! Oh, the evil!"   

       Imagine, wandering round a clothes shop only to have this little voice whisper, in tones of awed horror: "Do you realize you're standing in a Gap store?"
moomintroll, Mar 21 2005

       I have no values to speak of, but the direction our annotations has turned is an exciting prospect.
reensure, Mar 21 2005

       Taking this thought even further around the corner, there are bakers here whose computers would not allow them to access this site.   

       "That bastion of chaos is not in alignment with your avowed political stance - access denied"
normzone, Mar 21 2005

       But, think of the upside. Without credit card companies, the debt recovery industry wouldn't provide as many jobs.
half, Mar 21 2005

       There is a scanner for barcodes that consumers can use to find ethical information about the company making them.
nineteenthly, Mar 22 2005

       [nineteenthy] Really? I've been wanting that for years. Can you post a link?
sophocles, Mar 22 2005

       Credit cards may be evil, UB, but I'd never have made it through university without four of 'em. In the days before the Student Loans Company and chuck-the-cash-at-anyone dial-a-loan type moneylenders, they were my only option.   

       'Course I've been paying for the damn things ever since, but hey, at least I got those letters to put after my name.   

       What do you mean, they won't get me a job?
salachair, Mar 22 2005


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