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PAC Credit Card

Donate to your candidate as you shop
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Campaign finance laws could still be upheld (i.e. no more than $2000 in the US).

However, indirect benefits could continue (i.e. candidate's picture or slogan on the card).

theircompetitor, May 05 2004


       Public financing of campaigns was a truly great invention, allowing them to take your money even before they were elected.
ldischler, May 05 2004

       ... and if your party does get elected the scheme turns around. For every $ you spend you get a dime tax credit, up to $2000 total.
kbecker, May 05 2004

       I won't do it but I don't see why any one else can't. +
sartep, May 06 2004

       This doesn't exist yet???
jutta, May 06 2004

       What [sartep] said. Seems reasonable enough to me.   

       Just as an aside, though (and I'm not griping against yourself here, theircompetitor) - why do people regard the "bonuses" they get from their credit card as "free money"? It's not like banks are giving out these kickbacks out of the kindness of their hearts. The credit card user pays for these "extras" themselves by paying slightly more in interest.   

       Here's a truly revolutionary idea - a non-profit bank, whose only incentive is to make enough money to cover its costs (including staff wages, which would - after cutting out the shareholders - probably be higher than those of other banks). No frequent flyer miles, no over-the-customer's-head deals between huge corporations - just people who look after your money, and who you willingly give a little slice of your paycheck to for doing so. No frills, no gimmicks; just a fair deal for the customer and a good wage for the bank worker.   

       Never going to happen, I know. Still, I can but dream...
lostdog, May 06 2004

       [lostdog]: in the States we have something called a credit union . . . it's basically a non-profit bank set up by an association of people, for example, some large employers do it for their employees, or some communities set them up, too.
kevindimie, May 06 2004


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